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    Davy, a former 1st team all state player who scored 1,773 points in high school, is a passionate teacher committed to helping players maximize each day.

    From being the star of the team to battling significant injuries that kept him off the court, Davy experienced it all.

    Few former players have the ability to speak the language of every person in the room. The star. The player struggling to get off the bench. The injured player. The assistant coach. And now the head coach of a team.

    But Davy does just that – with authority and empathy.

    He cares about helping players realize each day is a gift and tomorrow is not promised. He believes that what happens to you is not as important as how you respond or who you are becoming.

    Davy first attended PGC in 2012 as a high school player. Attending PGC became one of the impactful experiences of his career. Davy became a more confident player and a more equipped leader. He developed life-long relationships and a new mindset that set him up for success.

    He loved it so much in fact, he drove 8 hours to another session just two weeks later. And now, he’s the one up front guiding players. Showing them what it takes to be great. Showing them how to approach adversity. Showing them how to think differently and play smarter. Showing them how, frankly, to get buckets like few can.

    Davy played 5 years of college basketball at Mississippi College, where he was later elected by his peers and professors into the school’s Hall of Fame.

    After college, Davy played 2 years of semi-pro, coached 3 years at the college level, and now coaches at Unity Christian School, using basketball as a platform to teach life. Unity just recently won their first State Championship under Davy’s leadership.

    When your player attends a camp led by Davy Fisher, they’ll experience a teacher with a rare ability to get players better fast while providing them a roadmap to leave camp ready to take ownership of their basketball career.


    • Assistant coach/Head JV coach, Iowa Western Community College 2021
    • Shooting Guard, West TN Heat (Semi-professional) 2020-2021
    • Volunteer Assistant Coach, Shorter Unv. Women’s basketball 2019-2020
    • Shooting Guard, Jackson Eagles (semi-professional) 2019
    • Shooting Guard, Mississippi College (D2) 2014-2019


    • 3rd Leading Scorer – Semi Professional
    • 5 Year Scholarship Player – College
    • Elite 8 – 2013
    • Sub-Region Championship – 2011
    • Avg. 18PPG (highest average)
    • Started 115 games straight
    • 1,773 pts (3rd all time leading scorer)

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    What They’re Saying About Davy Fisher

    "My daughter was fortunate & talented enough to get to start on her high school varsity team as a freshman and she will tell you the vast majority of the things that coaches like about her she learned from PGC!!! Thank you so much!!!"
    - Mark Edlefsen

    "Davy Fisher was the director and he was a great educator of the game and the whole camp!"
    - Diane Hargon

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