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    Marke’s impact on me as a player but more importantly as a person has been monumental. From PGC camps to many 1-on-1 phone conversations, Marke helped me take the adverse situations I was facing in basketball and life and use that adversity and uncomfortableness to grow. Marke found a way to take what PGC teaches and use her own experience along with her unique personality, enthusiasm, and ability to connect with others to help me not only see what I am capable of but to actually pursue that version of myself. Statistics could show you I’m a better basketball player since having met Marke, but the intangible impact she’s had on me as a leader and person can’t be quantified.

    – Sarah Bohn, Current basketball player at Army

    Marke Freeman has impacted thousands of athletes on their basketball and life journeys. As a former professional basketball player, current business owner, and a budding star in the sports broadcasting industry, Marke comes equipped with a range of experience. Like you, she’s faced numerous challenges but understands the power that belief, preparation, and mindset can have on the journey to greatness.

    Marke’s played for and coached with some of the game’s top basketball minds, helping her build a profound knowledge of the game and mastery of player development and mentorship

    Marke Freeman attended Northern Illinois University where she received her undergraduate degree and became a 3-time All-Conference player. After graduating from NIU, Freeman went on to play professionally in Europe, where she had an opportunity to compete against some of the best women’s basketball players in the world. At just 5’5”, Marke had to overcome inevitable challenges on and off the court to stand out at the division I and professional level.

    “I attended PGC as an athlete and my only regret is that I did not attend sooner. As a smaller guard I was always told what I could not do because of what I could not control, my genetics. PGC equipped me with what I could control and how to play BIG. This taught me how to stand out in a land where only giants are praised. I credit much of my success as a player, coach and basketball mind to the transformational experiences I have had being a part of Point Guard College.”

    Following her successful professional career, Marke joined the University of Missouri – Kansas City Division I women’s basketball program, honing her coaching skills under the tutelage of her college coach. She went on to continue her coaching career at Washington University – STL where she helped lead the Bears to a Conference Championship, consecutive NCAA tournament appearances and to the Elite 8 of the 2019 NCAA Tournament.

    Marke is very involved in the basketball world. She is now in her 10th year as a part of our PGC team and has taken thousands through a number of our PGC courses. She owns Max-OUT Skills Academy, developing basketball players and leaders from the earliest to the professional level. She also serves as a Sports Analyst broadcasting college and professional basketball. Her impact is not limited to athletics. She reaches thousands as a Keynote Speaker and recently published Author of Champions’ Creed The Undeniable Principles that Separate the Good from the Great in Sports, Business & Life.

    “My experiences as an athlete and coach have taught me that true champions are not defined by their results. They are driven by their desire to master the process. Therefore it’s not simply the skills that make the champion, it’s their undeniable mindset, uncommon habits, and consistency. Principles that can be applied in all facets of life. This has become the acme of my story and something I look forward to unpacking with fellow athletes and coaches.”

    If you want to change your life, attend a Marke Freeman led PGC camp.

    Marke was all about helping us reach our aspirations. She was very helpful and learned all our names the 1st day. She is an awesome Director.

    – Jasen Engel, PGC Grad


    • Director, PGC Basketball 2016- Present
    • Assistant Coach, University of Missouri -Kansas City
    • Assistant Coach, Washington University 2017-2019
    • Combo Guard, Northern Illinois University 2008-2011
    • Point Guard Florida A&M University 2006-2007
    • Point Guard, PLKK Professional European League


    • Ranked top 10 in 6 categories of the Mid-American
      Conference 2011, Scoring, 3pt %, Steals, FT %, FT
      Attempts, Mins Played
    • 6th NCAA leader in steals 2011
    • 3 Year Captain 2008-2011
    • 4 Year D1 Starter
    • Only player in NIU History to record a double-double
      with Points, Rebs, Assists and Steals
    • Average 19ppg 5 Ass 5 Rebs (Career High 36 points)
      2010- 2011
    • Scored almost 1,200 point in just 3 seasons at NIU


    • Freshmen of the Year 2007
    • Sixth Man of the Year 2009
    • All- Conference 2010-2011
    • WBCBL National Champions 2011
    • PLKK All Rookie Team 2012

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    What They’re Saying About Marke Freeman

    "I came into PGC with an injury and I still learned a lot in the classroom and in the gym. I met a lot of new people and connected with them even though I wasn't playing."
    - Courtney Milner

    "The "camp" was phenomenal. It truly is more like college, and Delano learned so much. He has already canceled one camp that he used to attend regularly, because nothing compares to PGC. This is truly a well organized, dedicated team of professionals who want to take their knowledge and make athletes the best that they can be."
    - Tanja Anderson

    "PGC has changed my life not only as a coach but as a person. It has taught me so much about being a leader and a father. I had the opportunity to observe the pgc and watched transform the athletes into a better them. The director was amazing she was so motivational and inspiring. She created a culture that was unbelievable and the kids loved every minute of it. Her staff was also great they really served the kids and helped them grow and become better."
    - Burrick Mcgrew

    "This was my third time to attend and as always I'm fortunate to be able to attend such a class organization. I truly appreciate the experience that I receive from it. I owe the majority of my teams success to PGC. Thank y'all"
    - Wade Goodman

    "William returned home from camp yesterday and I saw a real difference in the way he approached the game and engaged with his teammates."
    - William Barris

    "It brought back some motivation for the game that had slipped. From the moment he walked in to register and April welcomed him back by name. That lite him up. Great job all around. I hesitate scheduling him for a second camp with a female director but by the middle of the week him wanted to have her again. I knew that she is a highly skilled trainer but I just wanted to make sure he would embrace the training team. Before the was out, i had him scheduled with her again. Thanks PGC for not only teaching basketball but all of the other character building traits that you work to instill. Wes"
    - Wes Wilson

    "Life-changing experience that I have never experienced before. This course and the instructors involved have not only helped me gain some knowledge on the game but also grow as a person most importantly and also reignite my passion for coaching after a rough year at my school."
    - Travis Walker

    "Laura says this was a life changing experience for her. She said it was the best experience for her and she learned so much."
    - Melanie Cobb

    "This week's experience was inspiring, insightful and uplifting. It has made me reevaluate how I run my program and how to better instill the lessons of life that the game of basketball can teach."
    - Tamao Kawai

    "PGC is always a transformational/refreshing experience for me as a coach. I enjoy watching the process of all the athletes as they grow throughout the week. I've been to 9 courses now and they are always great. You can see that there is thought and time put into improving the curriculum and the way they do things every year. Thank you for being a light! Michael Goad Drew Central Lady Pirates"
    - Michael Goad

    "Best experience of my life. Life lessons taught through the game of basketball will help me succeed."
    - Mary Ashton Hyde

    "Every basketball player no matter the position should experience this camp."
    - Karl Grover

    "Changed the way, that I think about the game. Opened my eyes to the How, Why, and What."
    - Joseph Moreno

    "They broke some bad habits he had and now's he's TALKING like a different player."
    - Kevin Williams

    "An experience different from any other "basketball camp.""
    - Tegan McArthur

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