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    Sam Allen is a first class teacher of the game. It is his blue collar work ethic that sets him apart and makes him special. I bring him in to work with my college team because of the knowledge, passion and energy that he brings to the gym for every session. He knows what it takes for players to get to the next level both physically and mentally. Whether I am serious basketball player looking to improve or a coach looking to advance my team, I can’t think of anyone better then Coach Allen to get you there.

    Coach TJ Rosene, Emmanuel College, 2009 NCCAA National Champion and National Coach of the Year

    Sam Allen has worked eight years as an Assistant Coach at the Collegiate level—at Faulkner University and Reinhardt University—including working under two National Championship head coaches. Sam also runs Blue Collar Basketball, which focuses on team and individual training, basketball strength and conditioning, and provides a recruiting service for college coaches and high school players.

    As an All-Conference player at Reinhardt, Sam compiled over 1,500 points, 500 rebounds, and 400 assists during his college career. He was the starting point guard for a school record 125 consecutive games. He also led his school to their first ever National Tournament appearance. Sam received All-Academic Honors at Reinhardt and has a Master’s Degree in Sport Administration from Georgia State.

    I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the impact that PGC had on my game and on my attitude.

    – Gracie Martin, PGC Grad


    • Director, PGC 2012-present
    • Assistant Coach, Faulkner University
    • Assistant Coach, Reinhardt University
    • Owner & Founder, Blue Collar Basketball


    • Led Brookwood HS team record 28 wins
    • Senior Captain and Point Guard on GA HS All-State Team
    • Tallied 1,500 points, 500 rebounds & 400 assists (Reinhard)
    • Led Reinhard to 1st National Tourney Appearance


    • All-Time leading scorer–Reinhardt University
    • Reinhardt Hall of Fame in 2018

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    What They’re Saying About Sam Allen

    "Scoring College is probably my favorite PGC camp, so I was pumped when I signed up for this camp. When I got here, I met so many awesome people and instantly connected and became friends. The environment at this camp was so incredibly fun and infectious, with so many great athletes, awesome coaches, and great directors."
    - Callie Hudson

    "PGC was one of the best basketball camps I have attended. It pushed me mentally, physically, and emotionally and showed me things about myself that I didn’t even know. It has helped take my SCHAPE to a whole new level and I am so thankful for this process."
    - Cyndal Holland

    "Very mentally improving camp and very educational"
    - Tatum Studer

    "It was so much fun it was a lot of work but it has made me improve in so many ways"
    - Angela Sherrer

    "I feel like I am a 10 times better coach and leader than when I entered on Monday. Being around like minded people has added to the fire that I have to build a winning culture and program. I am ready to go home and SERVE the people in my program, my classroom, and my school in a way that is intentional and transformational. Money well spent!! Truly transformed in 5 days! Gotten better!!"
    - Joe Lucas

    "Absolutely and utterly amazing. I learned so much and got better every single day. I can’t wait to take this information back to my high school team."
    - Ella Siuta

    "i loved everything about this camp. the instructors were encouraging and positive and it really had an impact on my experience here."
    - jaylin shaw

    "This was the best time I’ve had. I’ve learned so much and I’ve made a lot of new friends throughout this week."
    - Asher Harness

    "I have learned more about coaching and teaching this week than I have my entire life. Point Guard College was always a dream for me. A 'Basketball Disney World' that sounded amazing, but due to the price I never got the opportunity to attend as a player. If I could go back and re-do ONE thing as a high school athlete, it would be to attend this camp. Spending a week observing at Point Guard College has been a sort of revival for everyone here. Another observing coach even said out loud that he felt like he had been reborn. We are excited, we are energized, and we have picked up so many teaching tools that we can take back and implement with our kids in every aspect of our lives. I became a better coach, a better teacher, a better mother, a better wife, a better friend by being here surrounded by so many like-minded and inspiring people. I saw 135 kids walk through those doors as shy, timid, awkward strangers. Through the course of this week, I watched PGC staff pour themselves into these kids and ultimately bring 135 strangers together. I not only saw, I felt the energy and the connection formed.... A family like bond created in just 4 days. They learned so much about basketball and even more about leadership. Not a single kid will walk out of these doors the same person they walked in as. Not one. My new dream is to do everything I can to replicate this experience to the best of my ability every single day so that every kid who walks into our program, or walks into my classroom, doesn't walk out the same."
    - Jess Stafford

    "Can’t wait to come back"
    - Diana Burgher

    "My experience was amazing. I loved it so much. It was such an eye opener to me that it’s bigger than basketball in most aspects of the game. It taught me how to be a great leader."
    - Lani Smallwood

    "It was my first time and I will definitely be coming back"
    - Piper Adams

    "Game-changing. Well worth the time and resources used to be a part of this. I have found a roadmap to success with PGC and I plan to use it going forward for my players and family."
    - Jomo Martin

    "Would have been nice if I could’ve participated but I couldn’t due to concussion. Still I’m glad they let me stay and bring energy and SCHAPE the gym"
    - Payton Breen

    "The experience overall was great. I had a good time getting to know different people and learning new things on the basketball court."
    - Abbie Talton