• About PGC
  • As a hall of fame college player, Division 1 coach and personal mental trainer, Vera Jo Bustos has found success at every level. She knows what it’s like to deal with adversity, be challenged by pressure and feel worried. As an athlete these challenges keep you from achieving your goals.

    Vera Jo has developed a program that will lead to a breakthrough in the areas of mental toughness and confidence. She specializes in assisting athletes in developing the physical and mental skills needed for peak performance.

    If you get to work with Vera Jo you will learn the secrets of a Hall of Fame player, high-level coach and feel the personal attention she gives each of the athletes she leads to higher levels of performance.

    What They’re Saying About Vera

    I am writing in appreciation for the time you spent in the PGC 1-on-1 mentoring program with my daughter Kendall Harris. Her time with you meant a lot to her. She didn’t want to share much with my wife and me because she said “this is my thing, Dad”, but I can certainly tell that she was impacted.

    Kendall took all the trainings very seriously and was always eager to meet with you. She has improved her skills – in particularly shooting – quite a bit during this pandemic. Your time with her helped enhance her performance and provide motivation to get out in the driveway each day. Confidence (tied to having a terrible mistake response) has been a tremendous issue with her and I hope she can move in a more positive direction towards her goal of having a successful next 3 years in high school, with hopes of playing in college.

    Thank you for serving Kendall this past month,

    — Mike Harris, Parent