3 Secrets to Become A ‘Lights-Out’ Shooter


PGC Basketball Fall Shooting College On-court Practice

Join three of our PGC Basketball Shooting Specialists for a private learning for players, parents and coaches who would like to learn a few simple secrets any player can add to their training to become a more confident shooter this season.

ATTENTION COACHES: Invite your parents and players as well by sending them the link to this page!

During this in-depth LIVE learning, we’ll cover topics like:

  • How to narrow your training focus and avoid the 2nd biggest mistake robbing most players from getting more playing time.
  • Why thinking like a ‘mad scientist’ might just be the fastest way ever discovered to consistently knock down more shots in games.
  • One simple tweak top NBA & WNBA shooters make to their shooting mechanics that you can practice to effortlessly increase your range and improve your accuracy.
  • And much more…

Meet Your Shooting Specialist Hosts