Chad Songy first attended a PGC Basketball session as a high school athlete in 2002 and has been applying PGC’s concepts and principles to his life and his basketball game for nearly a decade.

Chad was truly an efficient and versatile point guard at Millsaps College, where he finished his career ranked in several categories: fourth in assists, fourth in three-point field goals made, and third in both free-throw percentage (.836) and three-point field-goal percentage (.409). He was a Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) All-Conference player and a 2009 Nominee for the Bob Cousy Point Guard of the Year Award, given to the best male point guard throughout all NCAA Divisions.

As a 5’8″ point guard, Chad was sometimes physically outmatched, but rarely outsmarted. The exceptional leadership skills Chad developed at PGC helped him to succeed as the starting point guard on Millsaps College’s most successful team in both school and conference history. The 2007-2008 Majors finished the season 28-4, losing to the eventual Division III national champions in the Elite Eight after Chad kept their magical season alive by hitting a buzzer-beating three-pointer to help his school reach the NCAA’s Sweet Sixteen.

Chad’s pursuit for excellence has never been confined solely to the basketball court. A Magna Cum Laude graduate with a double major in Economics and Business Administration, he was selected twice by ESPN: The Magazine as an Academic-All Region Selection.

Chad is the founder of Sustainable Giving Homes which uses real estate profits from homes in Austin, TX, and Cape Town, South Africa, to fund educational opportunities for students throughout Africa, including PGC’s sponsorship of the MCF Sports Center in Kenya. He also teaches throughout the year through a variety of projects he has founded that include stand up comedy, cultural growth experiences to Africa, and mentoring young leaders and entrepreneurs.

Chad is a course director on the PGC tour and assists in PGC’s training of both Directors and Staff.

An Inside Look of Chad Teaching

What They’re Saying About Chad

From being an instructor for over 22 years and being a Master Training Specialist, Chad is the best instructor I have seen. He uses all of the theories, laws, and styles of learning to engage students successfully.
Michael Harrison, North Chicago, Illinois

Chad is an unbelievable person, teacher, and coach, and I am extremely grateful I had the opportunity to attend PGC. Chad inspired me to refocus my life, re-SCHAPE my habits, and live my life with passion and serve those around me. My week with Chad made me want to be a better man, better coach, better friend, and better son.
Coach James Hayden

I want you to know that I’ve been in education for the past 15 years (college included) and you are one of the best teachers/mentors that I’ve had the pleasure to learn from and work with. Your knowledge and insight is second to none. Your presence, demeanor and presentation is spot on with student-athletes of this generation. Your sense of humor and seriousness is genuine and timely planned. You help foster maturity, growth, service, and leadership. You put others and strangers that you don’t even know ahead of yourself. You live life to the fullest and embody what life is all about! You truly exemplify the definition of a LEADER.
Coach Nick Bertrando

I learned how to improve my game at PGC, and I also learned how to make my team better. Without this knowledge, I would not have been close to the level of a university basketball player. However, what is really special is how you made me a better person. Chad, you took a ball and a net and somehow changed the way I live and think. You changed the way I interact with others, myself and my environment. Through basketball you taught me life lessons. I will always cherish the time I spent on the court with you and I appreciate you giving me everything you had to offer.
Alex Petropolis, Bedford, Nova Scotia

I just returned from the Point Guard College course. I have been a Varsity coach for 21 years and have heard most of the top NCAA Men’s and Women’s coaches speak at clinics across the country. I believe without a doubt Chad Songy is the best TEACHER of the game that I’ve ever listened to speak. He did an excellent job in the classroom and on the court.
Coach Bill Russell, North Mississippi

WOW, I have so much I want to say in regard to my experience at PGC. I’ll begin first with Director Chad Songy. As an educator, I am fully aware how difficult it can be to keep students fully engaged from beginning to end. Chad Songy’s approach led me to want to learn more: great real-life stories, funny, inspiring, and an uncanny ability to create and maintain a high-energy environment. Thank you Chad. I’ve been a NYC HS teacher for 25 years and I will apply the teaching techniques you demonstrated in my classroom to motivate inner city kids to become leaders.
Coach Wayne Lippold, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

I loved how Chad spoke—it kept me locked in and interested. I don’t think I’ll ever experience lectures as enjoyable as his this week. Every single thing I learned was useful. This was an incredible experience and everything I learned I’ll use for the rest of my life.
Danielle Sims, Eldorado, Texas

Chad made such a difference in my daughter’s attitude. She absolutely loved PGC. There hasn’t been anyone that could inspire her, motivate her, or even push her to do anything. But Chad was able to motivate and inspire her. She wished that PGC was a month long and wants to go back next year. Thank you for not only making this experience for my daughter truly memorable.
Mercedes Delano, Parent of PGC Grad

My son, Grayson, attended the PGC Shooting College this past weekend with Chad. Grayson was so excited about what he learned that he read his notes to me at dinner the first night back home. PGC taught Grayson how to THINK and to THINK differently. While watching him play recently, I realized I was watching a WILD Animal. He wasn’t the ZOO animal any longer. Chad, you gave him permission to be that wild animal. You gave legs to Grayson’s aspiration “to aspire to be a shooter that is not selfish with the ball but knows when to take good shots and which shots to take.” Thank you so much! See you next summer!
Lorri Williams, Parent of PGC Grad

“Coach Chad really impacted me with his determination. We are both small and quick and he taught me some moves. He made me stronger physically and mentally by teaching me that I’ll always be small and I have to keep on pushing.
Aubree LaForce, Vermilion, Ohio

Coach Chad was there for me. He was so positive, understanding, and empathetic that it was impossible not to absolutely adore him. He has impacted my life in ways that he doesn’t even know about. I can’t thank him enough for his kindness and support.
Kaya Shanahan, Seattle, Washington