You’ll Never Play in Big Games with Habits Like Those

You sit on your couch watching big shot after big shot and quietly hope to one day play on that stage with the announcers shouting your name through television screens across the country. One Shining Moment, right?

Problem is, your habits just don’t match your dreams. Your hustle is fake. You went to the gym and maybe got a few shots up. But your Instagram game is strong.

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3 Steps to Mapping a Successful Off Season

Why do so many players prepare for the season like they are playing the lottery? Why do we look at our future and hope something good happens? Instead, create a dream for your future, map out your direction, and create the discipline you need to develop championship habits.

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Trust the Process

Process. Process. Process. You have probably heard it thrown around in the last several years when it comes to sports teams and their approach to success. It’s a “buzz word” that a lot of well-known coaches refer to all the time. Recently, I had the opportunity to hear one of these coaches, former Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith, talk about this idea of process. What he said blew me away.

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Are You Absolutely Positive?

Whether we realize it or not, each of us is selling something to those around us every day. In everything we do, we’re either selling positive or we’re selling negative. It’s in how we speak to others. How we show up to class or work. How we contribute or contaminate in practice. And how we live our daily lives.

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