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    Eligibility: Incoming 4th-8th grade players and coaches

    Raleigh, NC
    JD Lewis Center

    July 8 – 12, 2024
    5 days - 9am-4pm

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    Raleigh, NC
    JD Lewis Center

    July 8 – 12, 2024
    5 days - 9am-4pm

    Camp eligibility

    Incoming 4th-8th grade players and coaches

    Help Your Child Become the Most Skilled Player on the Floor

    No parent wants to see their child get cut or sit on the bench all season long — that’s frustrating for everyone.

    Every young player needs the skills and winning mindset to be able to make plays, score baskets, and lead their team.


    Your Child Deserves the Best Training — Period.

    Typical camps with traditional ‘stations’ won’t help your child get ahead of the pack. Neither will just playing countless AAU games.

    Young players need cutting-edge skill development, decision-making training, and loads of inspiration.

    At a Point Guard Prep camp, players get all three.

    Is PGC Right For Your Child?

    Point Guard Prep camps are for incoming 4th-8th grade players — regardless of skill level, position or experience. However, if your child’s an experienced incoming 8th grade player, we recommend starting at our Playmaker College.

    As long as your child wants to get better, they’ll have a fun and rewarding time with us. Want to make sure of it?

    Take our 1-minute test to find out if PGC’s the right fit…


    From seeing the camp firsthand, I know it will help any player who wants to elevate their game. What I appreciated the most is everything my son learned that will help him beyond the court. I can't wait to have him experience it again.
    Sefu Bernard  |  WNBA Director of Player Development, Washington Mystics

    What Players Do at PGC…

    • Hear It – Each concept is taught to the players first.
    • See It – Players watch game film of pros using each skill.
    • Do It – Players develop each skill through special games.

    What Players Don’t Do at PGC…

    • There are no talent shows or swim breaks.
    • There are no celebrity autograph sessions.
    • And, we don’t roll out the balls and “just play.”


    At Point Guard Prep, players learn:

    • Five key skills – ball control, shooting, passing, vision, movement
    • How to improve athleticism, balance, and coordination
    • How to make layups against contact
    • How to see the floor and find open teammates
    • How to develop an effortless shooting stroke
    • How to “Think the Game” instead of just playing it
    • How to be a leader instead of a follower
    • How to fall in love with the game and have LOADS of fun

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    Most camps do a few drills and then roll out the balls for the kids to play. The camps are usually fun, but often lead to little improvement.

    At Point Guard Prep camps, we want players to actually get better. Every minute of camp has been designed to maximize the learning experience — while having lots of fun too.

    That’s why no player who wants to improve in basketball should miss out on this camp.


    Camp Details


    This camp is open to boys and girls entering 4th - 8th grade and is the ideal starting place for any player new to PGC.

    The majority of our day camps are limited to no more than 64 players to maximize each player's learning experience. Typical camps are 2-3 times this size, but we don’t take any more players than our camp director can know by name.

    Our camps fill up and we turn away lots of players each summer, so don’t wait to sign up.


    The camp runs from 9:00am-4:00pm and check-in on the first day is from 8:25am-8:50am.

    Each day includes short interactive classroom and video sessions, as well as action-packed gym sessions.

    The final day of camp ends at 2:00pm and parents are invited to come at 1:30pm for the closing wrap-up.

    Note: There is a 30-minute lunch break for players to eat a bag lunch or for parents to drop off lunch.


    At many camps, the Director is a celebrity athlete or coach who lends his or her name to the program — but little else.

    At PGC camps, the Director personally leads every session and takes the time to know every player by name.

    Our team of Instructors will be there to inspire and support your child through every session. Our Instructors are typically PGC grads who have played college basketball and coach high school or college basketball.

    "I have worked with some great teachers of the game, however, this week at PGC, I observed the best teacher I've ever seen. The sessions were powerful, purposeful, and efficient. Not a session went by where I wasn't thrilled with the content and delivery. I can't tell you how impressed I am with PGC."
    — Coach Dave Jankowski, La Palma, California


    Join over 10,000 coaches who have attended a PGC course. Coaches consistently tell us the time they spent at PGC is the most beneficial investment they’ve made in their coaching career.

    At your PGC camp, you’ll attend all classroom, video and court sessions – just like players. You’ll also benefit from daily interactions with the director and other like­-minded coaches through in-session huddles.

    If you're thinking about sending your players to PGC check out our Partner Program to receive special discounts available exclusively for your players.


    July 8 – 12, 2024

    Camp location and Facility

    JD Lewis Center

    2245 Garner Road
    Raleigh, NC 27610

    Get Directions


    Have questions about camp and want us to call you? Choose a time that’s convenient for you and we’ll give you a call then.



    Did You Know…
    We Offer a 2-Camp Pass

    As players benefit greatly from attending a Point Guard Prep camp a second time, or progressing to a Playmaker College day camp, we’ve created a 2-Camp Pass so you can save BIG on your next 5-day camp.


    Tuition Details

    HURRY!… Register Today Before Camp Sells Out

    Join over 140,000 players & 10,000 coaches who have attended PGC.

    Single Camp - Player

    Reserve a spot with your full payment.



    Sold Out
    Money Back Guarantee

    Do You Have A Guarantee?

    You Bet. In Fact, We Have TWO Guarantees

    Guarantee #1 – The PGC Promise

    Register for a PGC camp today. Send your child away to PGC for a week (or weekend) and after they attend the entire camp, if you don’t feel like they significantly improved in at least one of these 4 main components…

    2. MINDSET

    … then you don’t pay anything. Just contact us anytime this calendar year and you will receive a 100% refund which is an outrageous guarantee, especially as we’ll be absorbing the cost of a week of meals and accommodations.

    It’s also a guarantee you won’t find anywhere else in the sports world.

    Guarantee #2 – The ‘Dicky D. Downright Crazy Guarantee’

    PGC Founder, Dick Devenzio (Dicky D.), was a no-nonsense, no B.S. kind of guy and his basketball camps were no different.

    In honor of Dick’s legacy, we’ve committed to upholding his standard of excellence and the mandate he set for PGC.

    And to hold ourselves accountable (and so you can hold us accountable), we’re offering you the following guarantee to help ensure we always provide the world class experience Dick would expect.

    If your child attends an entire PGC session and you aren’t completely satisfied with their basketball experience, simply let us know and not only will we refund your entire camp tuition, we will also send you an additional $500 cash to help cover any of your other basketball events or travel related expenses this year, to help further your child’s development.

    2 Camp Pass

    Get 2 camps for just $497.50 each – and use them this summer, fall or anytime in the future.


    Save Now

    Single Camp - Coach

    Spaces are extremely limited. Reserve a spot with your full payment.


    Sold Out

    Register Risk-Free

    Plans change, we understand. That’s why we offer Tuition Protection which gives you a full refund if you cancel more than 5 days before your camp and a 100% PGC credit if you cancel within 5 days.

    Meet Your Director

    Cassandra Breen

    Big dreams, grit, and dedication to the game are what catapulted Cassie to the top of her game and helped her achieve her goals.

    But it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies… As a high school athlete, Cassie endured times of enormous doubt and a lack of confidence that put her on quite the emotional roller coaster. But she didn’t let a little adversity get in her way…

    Cassie went on to play Division I college basketball, which then led to her playing professionally overseas for 4 years in multiple countries....


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know if my child is good enough to attend?

    We get this question often and it's not about being 'good enough.'

    If your child is a dedicated player who loves the game and wants to improve, they'll fit right in. If they're not interested in learning the game, PGC is probably not for them, regardless of how good they are.

    Players are placed in skill-based groups, so if your child is a less experienced player, they'll be with others who are similar — and if they're one of the top players, they'll be with other top players.

    How do we know it will be worth it?

    Over 145,000 players and 10,000 coaches have attended a PGC camp over the past 31 years and the feedback is consistent.

    Players who are eager to learn and get better have a really special experience. A player who thinks they know it all already and isn't interested in getting better doesn't typically enjoy their time with us.

    As long as your child has a passion for the game and wants to improve, they're going to love their time at PGC.

    As we stand behind the experience we provide, and to remove any risk for you, we are the only camp in the camp industry to offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

    If your child attends an entire PGC session and you aren’t completely satisfied with their basketball experience, simply contact us within this calendar year and not only will we refund your entire camp tuition, we will also send you an additional $500 cash to help cover any of your other basketball events or travel related expenses this year, to help further your child’s development.

    What's the competition level like at each session?

    While the level of competition may vary slightly from session to session, there is nearly always suitable competition for the varying levels of the players. As long as your child understands that the main intention of the week is development and learning (not competition)... it won't matter much who they're competing against throughout the week.

    What if the camp is just too far away?

    The average PGC camp attracts players from 11 different states, as well as a handful of international players. Hundreds of players fly, endure long bus rides, or beg a parent or coach to drive them 10-12 hours to get to PGC. We are constantly amazed at how far some players will travel to attend a session.

    Right now, players in North Dakota, Alaska, Lithuania, and New Zealand are coming up with creative ways to get themselves to PGC.

    So, don’t let distance be a deal-breaker for you. Where there’s a will, there's usually a way.

    “When we left PGC, we had a 10-hour trip ahead of us, so I thought that Daymon would sleep most of the way home. Although physically exhausted, he was so energized and excited that we talked for over nine hours about his experience at PGC. He said, ‘Dad, this was one of the greatest weeks of my life.’ Last night, I watched him play in open gym and he is already incorporating what he learned into his game. Thanks for the positive impact that you made on our son.”
    — Joe Osborn, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

    What if we don’t know our summer schedule yet?

    You can wait until you know your child’s complete summer schedule before you register. The only problem is, the session you want to register for may be sold out by then as most of our camps do sell out each year.

    To make it risk-free for you, we offer Tuition Protection which gives you a full refund if you cancel more than 5 days before your camp and a 100% PGC credit if you cancel within 5 days. In addition, as long as it's at least two weeks prior to your session, you can transfer to another camp without any additional cost.

    What if I need to cancel my registration?

    Things sometimes come up that are unavoidable—we get it. That's why we offer Tuition Protection, so you can have peace-of-mind.

    Cancellation Policy: If your child can't attend the camp for any reason, including schedule conflicts, last-minute injuries, a concussion, an unexpected illness, or a family emergency, you will receive a 100% credit for camp fees paid that can be applied to a future camp, transferred to a friend, or donated to an underprivileged player. Without tuition protection, camp fees are non-refundable.

    In the unlikely event that PGC has to cancel the camp, 100% of your tuition fees paid will be credited towards a future PGC camp.

    With Tuition Protection: The purchase of tuition protection during registration will give you a full refund if you cancel more than 5 days before your camp and a 100% PGC credit if you cancel within 5 days of camp. ($75)

    What are my chances of getting into a camp if I'm on the waiting list?

    Spots occasionally become available within a month or two of the start date of a sold-out session. Your chances depend on how many cancellations there are for a given session and how many other athletes are on the waiting list at the time spots become available.

    What if we can't afford the tuition fee?

    How determined are you or your child to attend a PGC camp?

    If you are truly determined, there are ways to make it happen, even if you are financially challenged. Lots of parents and players have done it. We hear their stories all the time.

    If you can’t help your child pay for the camp, don’t let that stop them. Right now, a player in Texas is figuring out how many lawns he has to mow to get to a session, while a player in Chicago is calculating how many driveways she has to shovel to get to a camp. For decades now, players have been resourceful in finding ways to raise the money they need to attend. What about you?

    Here are a few quick ideas to assist your child, as they can:
    • See if their school’s basketball program or athletic department will support them.
    • Ask family members to put holiday and/or birthday gift money towards the tuition fee.
    • Ask a coach or a teacher for help in seeking financial assistance from a community organization. Many local small businesses raise money to support young people who need assistance—especially if the opportunity is focused on leadership and character development.

    As a competitive athlete, your child will always face obstacles in their life, and some may seem impossible to overcome. But whatever the current circumstances, there is someone out there who has faced the exact same circumstances and found a way to realize their goals.

    Once they've done these things, if they still need assistance, let us know and we'll do our part to support you. We help many players each year, especially when they've shown us their level of commitment to attending PGC. Get further details here.

    Note: We also provide a financial discount for clergy and military families. Contact us for details.


    Are there swim breaks or special outings?

    There are no talent shows, swim breaks, or celebrity autograph signings, and we don’t roll out the balls and “just play”. You can find these things at many basketball camps, but not at PGC.

    We believe when you invest in your game, you should actually get better and improve. So, our commitment is to NEVER waste a player's time or attention.

    What if my child is too busy and just has too much going on?

    What exactly are they doing that’s keeping them so busy? Are their activities aligned with their dreams and aspirations, or are they just following the crowd and hoping for the best? Great players don’t base their games—or their lives—on hope. And, they certainly don’t follow the masses. First, they decide what they want; then they go out and find the people and learning opportunities that will get them there.

    What good is it to be seen by hundreds of college coaches at AAU events if they’re not doing anything special to stand out from the crowd? A good college coach can pick out the best players on the court within the first five minutes of a game. Sometimes, they can even spot the best players during warm-ups, just by noticing how they carry themselves and interact with others.

    Smart players spend more time “getting better” than “getting seen.”

    Camps tend to fill quickly — Reserve your spot today before camps sells out.

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