The founder of PGC Basketball, Dick was a highly decorated high school and college player who was regarded as the prototypical “coach on the court.” He was named as the best high-school point guard in America by Parade Magazine and went on to earn Academic All-American and Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) all-star honors at Duke. Later, he played and coached professionally in Europe and South America.

An English major and lover of literature, Dick authored five books during his lifetime—including STUFF! Good Players Should Know, praised as “the ultimate guide to playing the game the right way” by Larry Brown, the only coach ever to win both NCAA and NBA championships. Devenzio was considered by many to be a basketball genius, and Dick’s books continue to influence basketball lovers all over the world and have been translated into several foreign languages.

During college, Devenzio began running his own summer basketball camps, and he continued to offer sessions every summer until his sudden death in 2001 at just 52 years of age. The program he was most proud of, however, was the nationally acclaimed Point Guard Basketball College, the predecessor of PGC Basketball. Although Dick’s ingenuity, humor, and creativity are missed, his principles, ideas and teaching remain at the core of PGC's programs.

Eliminate Complaining from your Life

Have you ever stopped to consider the fact that it would be possible to go through your whole life without ever bothering to complain about anything? Many people have made commitments to do just that and they love the results. So would you.

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Fist Exchanges Beat Frowns

Frowns aren’t just down-turned facial muscles. They are devices that destroy teams, tear down positive atmospheres, and create ill feeling. Scientifically, frowns are supposed to use a lot of extra muscles and energy and perhaps even bring about the flow of some kinds of harmful chemicals in the body. I don’t doubt it, because they bring about toxic thoughts and situations all the time.

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How to Mentally Prepare for a Big Game

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Work Ethic is a Skill

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What Every Champion Must Have

Self-discipline is something you need to practice the way you practice a skill like shooting a basketball or hitting a baseball or throwing a football. The more you practice self-discipline, the easier it becomes and the prouder you become of it.

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More Steals with Gnaw Pocket Defense

When a dribbler gets by you, there are two possible reactions. The most common is to turn and watch as his rear-end gets farther and farther away from you. The

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An Obvious Difference between Good Players and Mediocre Players

“I’ve got that man.” “Take ’im!” “Get through.” “Help here.” “Bring ’im here.” “Go through.” “Watch behind.” Talking to teammates, helping each other verbally, is one of the most obvious

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You Don’t Fake Enough on Offense

The biggest mistake players make in faking is that they think they have to get through the fake quickly and get on with their real purpose—their move to the basket, and the result is a poor, unconvincing fake. Stay low so you can maneuver precisely. You may think that by staying low you are sacrificing speed, but players who fake and put the ball on the floor far out in front of them, just a few inches off the floor, are very difficult to guard.

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