Think The Game

While a good player must know the game, talented players who play intelligently are always more valuable to their team, no matter what position they play. Naturally, many point guards attend this course, but as a shooting guard, forward, or post player, you’ll benefit too, as long as you’re eager to learn to think the game.

  • Discover how to run the show, develop your basketball IQ, and do all the “little things” to stand out on the court
  • Learn to read the defense and play through situations that challenge your leadership and communication
  • This is the original, nationally-acclaimed course created and taught by Dick DeVenzio
  • Enhance your court awareness and basketball IQ
  • Read all types of man and zone pressure defenses
  • Discover when and how to control the tempo
  • Lead your team on and off the floor
  • Get high percentage shots & influencing your team’s shot selection
  • Master subtleties of the game most coaches don’t have time to teach
  • Attitude and mental toughness training


We know how valuable your time is, especially in the summer. That’s why we’ve gone to extreme measures to protect you and your time. If you’re not satisfied with the basketball education you receive, we’ll give you DOUBLE your money back. No other camp comes close to providing a guarantee like this.


If you can attend only one basketball camp this summer, make it Point Guard College. If you can attend five basketball camps this summer, make them all Point Guard College.
Greg Brittenham  |  New York Knicks, assistant coach, 1991-2011


The majority of our sessions have between 80-160 players. Typical camps are 2-3 times this size, but we don’t take any more players than our course director can know by name. Most of our sessions fill up and we turn away lots of players each summer, but we limit enrollment so we can provide the best experience possible for players.


  • 6-7 hours of productive court time daily
  • Video breakdown of college and pro players
  • Interactive classroom sessions
  • Leadership Communication training
  • Passionate and dedicated directors & instructors


Eligibility: Varsity – College

Male and female college and high school playersMature, varsity-level incoming 9th grade players

Player Tuition: $795-$895


Each 5-day, 4-night campincludes meals and accommodations

A $250 deposit is required to reserve your spotSave $100 if you do not require a dorm room.

All prices in US dollars



Eligibility: Coaches of all levels

Enrollment is limited to 25 coaches per sessionClick here for additional observing coach details

Coach Tuition: $295

Each 5-day, 4-night campincludes meals and a private dorm room

Full payment required to reserve your spotSave $100 if you do not require a dorm room

All prices in US dollars


success stories

Point Guard College will greatly improve the play of any aspiring player.
Coach John Wooden (1910-2010)  |  Named Coach of the Century by ESPN, Winner of 10 NCAA Championships
PGC’s lessons on leadership, confidence and doing the little things are a must for any young player, regardless of position.
Coach Jeff Turner  |  Orlando, Florida. 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist (USA) and 10-year NBA veteran
Hands down the best basketball coaching clinic that I’ve ever attended. ...I’ve never felt so inspired to change the way that I teach the game.
Coach Lexa Larsen  |  Richfield, Utah
Point Guard College is an intensive indoctrination into how to play smart, minimize turnovers, and be a good leader. These are great, great teachers of the game.
Coach Rick Allison  |  Arlington, Texas