Two Simple Habits to Earn More Playing Time

Athletes, this is for you. We all want to play more minutes, have more fun, and win more games. But there’s a big problem that we all succumb to that’s holding us back from reaching our full potential.

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Making Shots in the Clutch

Don’t simply be an in game shooter, discover how to be a fourth quarter and overtime maker. Join PGC Director Marke Freeman, as she shares what it takes to make shots in the clutch.

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How To Become A Defensive Playmaker (Video)

Playmakers don’t only exist on offense. Special defenders like Patrick Beverley have become playmakers on the defensive end of the floor. Check out this video from PGC Director Marke Freeman

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Get More Playing Time

Getting more playing time comes down to earning the trust of your coaches and teammates. Join PGC Director Marke Freeman as she shows you five ways to embrace your situation and earn more playing time on the court.

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Who are you Committed to being this Season?

Average athletes only think about what they can get from a situation or take from an experience. Great basketball players who commit to daily excellence know what they will bring to an experience or environment to serve their team.

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