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  • Anticipation + Advanced Preparation = Championship performance

    Don’t simply be an in game shooter, discover how to be a fourth quarter and overtime maker. Join PGC Director Marke Freeman, as she shares what it takes to make shots in the clutch.


    Confidence is earned through preparation. In order to have that championship performance where you’re knocking down big shots in a late-game situation, you have to be able to anticipate that moment This means you have to stay ready and prepare well in advance.

    Clutch shooters are in great shape.

    They are used to the fatigue and late game exhaustion felt in the 4th quarter.

    Clutch Shooters have great technique.

    If yours is not sound, won’t get the shot off against a tall athletic or really good defender in a late-game situation. To improve, leave your most challenging techniques for the end of your workout because they demand more focus in precision.

    Clutch Shooters have a great imagination

    Since you cannot physically create a game-time situation in your workout, you must imagine it. Imagine a defender closing out closely. Imagine being in a game-time situation when you’re down and this is for the finals.Create that environment that allows you to get the mental reps needed in the physical reps needed to succeed in a game time situation.

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