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  • If there was one habit that could transform your game instantly, would you adopt it?

    We teach 10,000 athletes each summer and find that a majority of the athletes do not use this one habit (when they first arrive). It’s disappointing because it is so foundational, practical, and game-changing that we believe every basketball player needs it in their game.

    We’ve all had a similar experience that goes like this: a teammate gets a defensive rebound, we’re all alone down the court, ready for a wide-open layup, and the pass never comes. Your teammate’s habit is to grab the ball, put their head down, and start dribbling — a missed opportunity.

    Or what about this one? A teammate catches the ball around the perimeter amid the offense and misses wide-open shot opportunities and cutting teammates because, you guessed it, their habit is to catch the ball, put their head down, and start dribbling — a missed opportunity.

    There is another type of athlete, however, that many of us also know, who has excellent court vision and consistently finds teammates when they’re open, delivers on-target passes, and makes life easier for everyone around them.

    This player possesses the game-changing habit I referenced above.

    Here it is:

    The moment your fingertips touch leather, peek at the rim.

    It’s simple, but not easy.

    Nikola Jokic from the Denver Nuggets is one of those players who has mastered the habit of peeking at the rim the moment his fingertips touch leather. We see him on highlight reel after highlight reel because of the way he finds open teammates, specifically in transition.

    While many fans respond to these plays with a look of astonishment and impossibility for how he does it, a student of the game realizes he is better at peeking at the rim than most players.

    The benefits of peeking at the rim include:

    • Opening up scoring opportunities for yourself
    • Opening up scoring opportunities for teammates
    • Becoming harder to guard
    • Coaches saying things like, “she has a great feel for the game and sees the court well.”

    You need this in your game. College players need this in their game. Heck, many NBA players do not even utilize this habit yet.

    Here’s how you build this habit. When playing 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 with your teammates, introduce a turnover violation anytime someone catches the ball without peeking at the rim. The first time you play, it will be overwhelming how often you catch the ball without redirecting your eyes to the rim. Do this for four weeks, and you will start to notice significant improvements in your game.

    It’s simple, not easy. There’s beauty in simplicity, and this is a habit that can take your game from good to great. It’s a habit that can take your game from two assists per game to five assists per game. It’s a habit that can you help you become a starter on your team and a player that coaches recruit. The moment your fingertips touch leather, peek at the rim.

    WATCH: How to Pass like Nikola Jokic

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