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    Join PGC Director Tyler Coston, as he shares four ways to improve your mental toughness, habits and focus necessary for winning more games.

    1. Don’t do it yourself

    At the end of games, players often want the ball in their hands. It quickly becomes an individual battle. You will get higher percentage of shots when you involve your team.

    On average, players that create their own shot at the end of the game tend to shoot less than 25% on average. Passing before the shot, even if it’s not your best shooter, increases the shot accuracy to 45%.

    Use your teammates.

    It’s about about we not I. It’s about us not me.

    2. Elevate Your Mistake Response

    Don’t let your last play affect your next play. In a tight game there will always be more mistakes made:

    • a shot clock violation
    • a turnover a foul that you didn’t think you committed
    • a coach yelling at you when these mistakes occur

    Eliminate poor mistake response and instead elevate.

    Elevate your:

    • Energy
    • Communication
    • Appreciation
    • Joy of the moment

    3. Don’t Take Plays Off

    athletic tip: when you’re playing a competitor that’s more athletic than you, the only time you will be more athletic than them is when they get tired and you don’t.

    How do you get more consistent in the 4th quarter? Don’t take games off.

    • Pick up summer games
    • Individual workouts
    • Practices in-season

    If you don’t take games off, you will elevate your performance during important games when other players are falling off.

    4. Do more by doing less

    Most players try to do more to overcome the opponent in win games. You actually win games by growing simple narrowing your focus. Control what you can control to eliminate mistakes.

    Join us at a PGC camp this summer to become the player your coach trusts with the ball in pressure situations. Discover how to be the smartest player on the floor while developing the mental toughness, habits and focus necessary for greatness, both on the court and in life.


    Join PGC Basketball and discover how to become a playmaker, lead your team, and run the show.
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