Aug 3-6, 2023 – Dallas, Texas

The PGC Summit is an invitation-only event for 36 top players in the game to come together for an intense and holistic training experience.

At The PGC Summit, players benefit from developing their basketball IQ, playmaking, leadership, confidence, and mindset in a supportive and protected environment.

Last year’s participants included multiple NBA players, including a 2023 NBA All-Star, pros from around the world, and several top Division 1 players (names withheld due to our privacy agreement).

Where Top Players Train


Through daily court, film, and classroom sessions designed with the pro player in mind, players learn:


  • Improve processing in a plethora of in-game scenarios (Pick & Roll, Dribble Hand-off, Drive & Kick, Off screens, etc)
  • Utilize critical thinking skills to develop contingencies for all manner of in game scenarios
Skill Sets

  • Develop the skills to identify, create and keep advantages
  • Acquire information to become a more proficient scorer and make winning decisions

  • Grow leadership skills that will apply in practices, games, the locker room, and everyday life
  • Discover how to manage relationships, finances, and your career

  • Identify limiting beliefs holding you back from peak performance
  • Discover how to deal with the mental demands of competitive basketball


The PGC Summit is for professional and college coaches too.

There are very few safe environments in which top coaches can go to learn, be challenged, and be open about the challenges they face as coaches on and off the court. This is one of those rare places.

If you’re looking to recharge your batteries and want to continue to grow as a coach, this is the place for you.

Here’s how Coach Jenkins from last year’s PGC Summit described her experience as an Observing Coach:
What I appreciated most about The PGC Summit was the comprehensive approach to the curriculum. Not only did we learn how to be better at coaching X’s and O’s, but we also learned how to grow our potential and value as humans.
Jasmine Jenkins, Assistant Coach, Davidson College


Location: Texas Woman’s University (Denton, TX)
Dates: Aug 3-6, 2023
Player Tuition Fee: $2,500*
Coach Tuition Fee: $595 (includes meals and accommodations)

* The PGC Summit is sponsored by PGC and the tuition fee is waived for all players

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