To win a championship or play in college, high basketball IQ is essential.
Yet, few players develop this aspect of their game.
Join over 18,000 dedicated players this year to discover the uncommon skills, leadership traits, and mindset needed to stand out and get noticed.



Parents often waste thousands of dollars on over-crowded basketball camps, expensive trainers, and exposure events.

Unless your child is 6’7” and athletic, just playing game after game won’t likely get them noticed.

They need to become the complete player every coach wants on their team.



96% of players and parents surveyed say they'll strongly recommend PGC to others

31 years. 140,000 players.
10,000 coaches.

16 PGC Grads currently playing in the NBA & WNBA

Players flew in from 65 countries around the world to attend PGC in 2023


Did You Know…

PGC Offers a 3-Course Curriculum

A curriculum that’s been designed to progress from one course to the next:

1. Playmaker College → 2. Scoring College → 3. Point Guard College

This is Why We Created Our 3-Camp Pass

To make it easier to attend ALL our courses, you can get 3 camps for the price of 2.


We offer 5-day, 4-night camps that include meals and accommodations, and day camps from 9am-4pm.
We recommend players attend Playmaker College prior to Scoring College or Point Guard College, whenever possible.

Playmaker College


Be the player your coach trusts with the ball in pressure situations.

7th - 11th Grade

Scoring College


Become an unstoppable scorer from every position on the court.

9th - 12th & College

Point Guard College


Our flagship program for learning how to think the game.

9th - 12th & College

Point Guard Prep


Develop the skills you actually need to play at the next level.

4th - 8th Grade

Fall Shooting College


Develop Your Shot, Generate Effortless Power & Increase Your Range.

7th - 12th Grade

I was blown away by the level of teaching my son received. I immediately sensed he has a higher confidence in himself as a basketball player, a leader, and a communicator.
Billy LangeHead Coach, Saint Joseph's University | Former Philadelphia 76ers Assistant Coach


We’re committed to taking extreme measures to protect your family. If your child attends the entire camp and you’re not satisfied with their basketball experience, contact us anytime this calendar year and we’ll give you all your money back.

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Excellent 4.75/5

based on over 20.5k reviews.

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Improved by Basketball IQ!
This course has improved my basketball IQ. Being able to read defenses and knowing what strategies to use to score has been the most helpful. Also knowing what to do when you get the ball. Some grab and immediately look to pass, whereas here you must peek. Attacking the paint is also so important and I personally have students of the game that assume, “shooting from the logo” is the coolest move ever and that’s how they will get to the...
there Are So Many Benefits I Learned From This Course
there are so many benefits I learned from this course that I am taking with me. the few I can share is building/having chemistry with the athletes. Be able to communicate with each child and bring the best from each one of them. these coaches were not just standing they were showing/sharing their passion which each child. Not one moment did I see a coach get tired or even show lack of interest or lack of energy. WOW!!!!
Great Team of Professiionals!
The "camp" was phenomenal. It truly is more like college, and Delano learned so much. He has already canceled one camp that he used to attend regularly, because nothing compares to PGC. This is truly a well organized, dedicated team of professionals who want to take their knowledge and make athletes the best that they can be.
So Welcoming!
It was very good, learned a lot of new things to take back with me. Although it is a basketball camp, they teach you things that apply to all aspects of life. The PGC environment is so welcoming and makes you play harder and better. Also you meet new people that help you become better
Gave Us Tools To Take Back To Our Athletes
This course gave us a lot of tools to take back to our athletes both on the court and in life in general to help them be more successful in their next step. I will use a lot of the terminology in my gym and the precision of debriefing, celebrating athletes.
It Made Me Learn And Appreciate More
I loved this camp! It made me learn and appreciate more about the game and about my life! I loved all the coaches and my teammates, they lifted me up and we all had great energy!
I Have Greatly Benefited From This Course
I have greatly benefited from this course. It helped me look deeper at the little things that make a huge difference. My practices will look and sound different from now on.
Phenomenal Camp Experience
All PGC Camps have been phenomenal. I always enjoy the personal approach that the Directors always have, as well as the rest of the PGC staff.
Amazing Split-Action System Installation
Amazing split-action system installation. Our player athletes that attended will be on the same page when we coach and have fun together
Learned More than I Thought I Would...
I enjoyed every minute of the camp. I learned more than I thought I would. I soaked in all the new information that was presented to me.
Most Awesome Week!
It was fun! I love how much energy pgc has. Every instructor has a lot of competition and That was the most awesome week!
PGC has changed my life.
PGC's principles about life & basketball have changed me. All the instructors had such an amazing on impact on my life.
the Entire Experience Helped Me Grow As A Coach And Teacher
there's so many things I came away with this. the entire experience helped me grow as a coach and teacher.
He Still Has A Lot To Learn
My son realised that he still has a lot to learn.
Best experience I've had as a player.
Best experience I've had as a player.


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