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  • Many coaches/teams don’t want to run because they’re scared to speed the game up, especially when playing with a “less talented” roster. While there are some valid reasons for screeching the game to a grinding halt, there are more reasons to run, run, run!
    Let’s dive in!

    1. Transition is how you move from the defensive end to the offensive end.
    2. You have options… always slow, fast off misses only, only fast when a great chance presents itself (i.e. TO or long rebound) or always fast.

    3. Always Fast.
    4. Most coaches are scared of “always fast” because they must release control, their players may get sped up and make a bad decision, and because taking bad shots against more talented opponents isn’t a great idea. None of these fears are legit reasons to not run because…

    5. Pushing in transition doesn’t mean you are playing fast.
    6. Dean Smith wanted to make the game as many possessions as possible because he knew he had the most talent and the more possessions he could create the higher probability his (more) talented team would win.

    7. If you have the most talent…great! But if you don’t, then why run?
    8. Because transition basketball and creating high possession games aren’t directly linked. You can do the former without having the latter happen. They aren’t the same thing and many coaches believe they are.

    9. Playing fast means you take quick shots & possibly even reckless ones in order to create more possessions.
    10. Pushing the basketball with pace in transition does not mean you must take a quick shot or that there will end up being more possessions. It is up to how you coach/play.

    11. What do I do when the players rush or take bad shots?
    12. Coach em up!! You dictate what is acceptable. If you want to take quick shots… do it. If you want your running game to only lead to layups or open 3’s Do it. If you don’t get those and want a half court set, teach it.

    13. You are missing out…
    14. Most games are won and lost by which team gets the most easy shots. If you are walking the ball up the court every time and playing against a set D, you’re making the game harder on your team. It’s far easier to play 4v3, 2v1, 5v3, or even 3v3, than 5v5.

    15. The goal of an elite transition team is to create a great shot in 7 seconds or less.
    16. Be like the 00’s Suns. Train your team to play with an intense sense of urgency for those first 7 seconds and teach them the types of shots your team is looking for. Then let them loose.

    17. Run to go on a run.
    18. Games are won and lost when a team spurts 10-0 or 16-5 in a matter of a few minutes. Going on these types of runs when you don’t run is nearly impossible. The transition game is a momentum builder.

    19. Shoot more 3’s.
    20. Finding open 3’s is hard work in the half court. You know where it’s easy? In transition. Build the habit to fill the corners and the rim. When the defense collapses on the rim run or the early drive, your shooters will feast.

    21. If you force the opponent to play hard transition defense all game a few things will happen.
      • You will score a lot of easy baskets because they will fail a lot
      • It makes your 1/2 court offense better because they are scrambling
      • You will thrive late game because they will be exhausted mentally/physically

    22. Be opportunistic.
    23. Every game, transition defenders trip/fall, yell at refs, pout about a bad pass, decide to take it easy to save energy, run into each other, match up w/ the same player, and on and on. If you are always running you will take advantage. If you don’t, then you won’t.

    24. RACE through no mans land!
    25. How often does someone pull up for 3 from 35 ft away & are you even scared of that as a coach? There is roughly 40-50 feet of the court between the 3 pt lines where nothing good happens… no man’s land. Why spend more time there than you have to?

      In closing, playing fast is FUN. Your players play to have fun. Open kick out 3’s are fun! Executing a 2 on 1 for a layup/dunk is fun! Going coast to coast is fun! Trailing for a 3 is fun! A full court pass to a rim runner is fun! Feeling the other team frustrated/exhausted is fun!!
      And for all these reasons, consider this:
      Run Run Run.

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