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    PGC Family,

    This week we have all been reminded of how fragile life is, regardless of age, fame or fortune.

    There is no guarantee of tomorrow. All we have is the present moment — to love, to learn, to grow, and to give.

    While most of us never met Kobe in person, we felt like we knew him, as time and time again we witnessed his unwavering drive, his unbelievable toughness, and his unconquerable spirit.

    Beyond these rare qualities, what impressed me even more was that Kobe was the ultimate student.

    Not only was he a student of the game who spent more time studying opponents, mastering footwork, and watching game film than any other player, he truly mastered the art of learning.

    After his basketball career finished, he demonstrated this by applying the same studentship principles to business, writing, and music, including:

    • Having an unparalleled curiosity about his subject of interest
    • Seeking the best mentors he could find to learn from
    • Working tirelessly to bring his dreams to life
    • Focusing on the journey instead of the destination

    In an interview I listened to several months ago, Kobe shared he loved the journey more than anything else — the daily workouts, the struggles, and even the setbacks.

    That’s the hallmark of a true student…a student of the game and a student of life.

    Fall in love with the process of ‘becoming’ and the pursuit of excellence.

    As we remember his life this week, and the lives of the others too, let’s remember that every moment is a gift, and our opportunity—and personal responsibility—is to make the most of each moment.

    To your success,


    P.S. Be sure to use one of your ‘moments’ today to write a thank you card, give a friend a hug, and tell a family member how much you love them.

    The Pursuit of Excellence

    Kyle Kozuta
    PGC Director

    With crumpled paper in hand, I shot fadeaways into the trashcan, yelling, “Kobe.” Everyone did it. We still do. Kobe was a legend. A man who needed no introduction. Someone whose first name alone was enough. An icon whose impact ran deep and reach stretched far.

    Everyone in the basketball world and beyond has a Kobe story.

    5x NBA Champion. 2x Finals MVP. NBA MVP. 17x All-Star. 1997 slam dunk champion. 81 points in a single game. 12x All-Defensive team selection. 2x Finals MVP. 2 Olympic Gold Medals. 1 Oscar. Proud Girl Dad.

    He promoted the women’s game with vigor. He started companies with creativity. He became a storyteller with passion. He mentored NBA players on the rise. He was a father to Natalia, Gianna, Bianka, and Capri, and a husband to Vanessa.

    He studied the game relentlessly, sliced up defenses with his athleticism, and pushed the limits on what was possible. His mind for the game was different, always one step ahead of the competition. He played chess while others played checkers. Not everyone liked him, but everyone respected him.

    While Kobe’s well known for his basketball prowess, it was a delight watching him be a father. He seemed to get more joy from coaching his daughters than he used to when playing the game himself.

    I’m shocked & saddened by this news. It doesn’t feel real. Kobe seemed invincible. Someone who would live another 50 years promoting the game, inspiring others, and helping the next generation of basketball players reach their full potential. January 26, 2020 will never be forgotten. Kobe Bryant will never be forgotten.

    #RIPKobe&Gigi #MambaMentality #RIPAll9Victims

    Rudy Bentley, Jr.
    PGC Director —

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