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  • Recently, we saw a video of one the greatest athletes ever, Deion Sanders.

    After reposting on our twitter account, it quickly gained traction around the sports world.

    Sanders passionately talks about the topic of practice, and how most players (and people) have the wrong mindset and approach to their own practice — no matter what line of work they’re in.

    Here’s what Sanders said:

    “We practice to practice right now. That’s what’s wrong with most of our athletes today. We don’t practice to be great. We don’t practice to be dominant. We practice to practice.

    What do you mean by that prime? I’m glad you asked.

    We practice counting the number of periods. We practice understanding how much time we have left. We practice just to get through practice. We cutting deals in practice. You go soft, I go soft.

    We don’t practice to be dominant. When I asked you what was your purpose for practice, you ain’t got no answer for me.

    Let me ask you, what is your purpose for practice? I don’t care if you practice at work. I don’t care if you practice in your relationship. I don’t care if you practice at any endeavor you choose to do.

    What is your purpose for practice?

    I practiced to be the best ever. So every time I walked on that field, I had a purpose for my practice.


    See the full video here.

    Let’s all re-evaluate how we approach our practice, so we all continue to get better.

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