Become a playmaker

Discover how to be a playmaker at both ends of the floor and learn how to train smarter and harder for better results.

Who is it for?

PGC Essentials is for players who want to train at the next level, develop into effective playmakers and become impact players on their teams.

The course is also for coaches who want to learn how to teach their teams the skills and habits of play that lead to winning basketball.

Essentials is open to

  • Incoming freshman, high school and college players
  • Coaches of all levels

Train smarter to excel

Over this intense 5-day and 4-night course, you’ll learn what to practice and how to do it to excel on the court. You’ll find out the habits and skills necessary to be effective against bigger, faster players, and how to train more effectively and see actual results for your efforts.

Make it more rewarding

You’ll also discover both the tangible rewards of basketball like making teams, getting more playing time and winning championships, and the intangible rewards like how to enjoy the game more, bounce back from disappointment and setbacks, and lead and influence others.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to

  • Get your shot off against bigger, more athletic defenders
  • Read the defense so you know when to finish and when to pass
  • Finish at the rim powerfully and consistently while also getting to the free throw line an extra 4 to 6 times a game
  • Force turnovers without fouling
  • Shake off a pesky defender in multiple ways
  • Master the one skill that every coach looks for but none teach
  • Discover how to eliminate costly turnovers.

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What they’re saying

The level of intensity and effort that is demanded at all times gives you a glimpse of greatness and allows you to understand what is necessary to achieve it.
Megan Murphy  |  Clinton Corners, New York
My son has been a different kid since the Essentials basketball camp. Now he thinks talks and acts like a leader.
Joe Osborn  |  Fort Wayne, Indiana
…the PGC approach to training really opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective on how to get better. Overall, this has been the best basketball experience of my life.
Keith Steffeck  |  Upper Iowa University