PGC Essentials

PGC Essentials is for college players, dedicated high school players, and mature incoming freshmen who want to discover how to train at the next level, develop into effective play-makers, and become impact players on their teams. The course is also for coaches of all levels, particularly those who want to learn how to teach their teams the skills—and habits of play—that lead to winning basketball.

Course Overview:

The PGC Essentials basketball camps provide an intense, rigorous basketball training experience that teaches you what to practice, and how to practice, to excel on the court. You will learn all the habits and skills necessary for you to be effective against bigger, faster players. You will also discover how to train more effectively, so you don’t practice and practice without getting results.  We’ll teach you how to train smarter and harder so that your efforts pay off.

Basketball, or any competitive sport or endeavor, will eventually challenge you in many different ways. How will you respond to setbacks, losing, injuries, being benched, unfair treatment, and all the other things that can (and probably will) happen in your basketball career? The things you’ll learn at PGC Essentials will help you with the tangible rewards of basketball—making teams, getting more playing time, and winning championships.  But it will also help you with the intangible things—enjoying the game more, bouncing back from disappointment, learning to lead and influence others, and learning to thrive in the midst of adversity.


A Few of the Specific Things You'll Learn on the Court:

  • Getting your shot off against bigger, more athletic defenders
  • Reading the defense so you know when to finish and when to pass
  • Finishing at the rim powerfully and consistently.
  • Developing “dependable hands” to catch tough passes
  • Forcing turnovers without fouling
  • Taking a charge AND getting the call
  • Multiple ways to shake off a pesky defender
  • Mastering the one skill that EVERY coach looks for but NONE teach
  • Positive habits that you’ll carry with you throughout your career
  • Practicing for maximum improvement
  • Increasing quickness, strength and confidence in the “power-hour” of ball handling
  • How to work harder on your game than you ever have before
  • Being a disruptive force on the defensive end of the floor
  • Developing better body control, footwork, and balance
  • Making plays that spark a run and change the tempo of a game
  • Getting to the free throw line an extra 4-6 times a game
  • Eliminating costly turnovers
  • Handling pressure from aggressive defenders with poise.
  • Putting your coach at ease when the ball is in your hands
  • How to maximize your basketball training
  • The five habits of every good defender
  • And much more…

What They Say About Essentials:

“Outstanding! The best clinic experience I have been witness to in 36 years of coaching! The combination of physical training and the classroom was really unique. I will leave here with plenty of new ideas on how to teach different aspects of the game. I will definitely be encouraging players and coaches alike to experience Point Guard College.”
Coach Len Stanley | Bismark State College

“Essentials was the most information-packed week of basketball I have ever experienced. I have learned more about the game this week than I have in two years of college basketball. The classroom sessions were excellent and the film sessions were amazingly helpful. Also, the PGC approach to training really opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective on how to get better. Overall, this has been the best basketball experience of my life.”
— Keith Steffeck, Upper Iowa University.

“All of the drills were game-like and served a definite purpose. It’s awesome how the points of emphasis were reinforced. Each and every player improved. I’ve been to approximately 50 basketball camps, and you truly have the BEST basketball camp in America.”
Coach Laura Sellers | Normal, Illinois

“My son recently completed the Essentials basketball camp.  Since returning home he works out each day and is committed to his 30-day challenges. I would also like to mention that I am very impressed with my son’s poise, leadership, confidence and shot selection since his attendance to the Essentials course.  His confidence to drive to the hole and his war chest of moves has deepened greatly.  He now plays more aggressively in the paint against bigger players who are stunned when they are beaten and scored on at the hoop.   His court awareness is better too.  Not only is he generating more points, he is feeding the ball in transition and getting other players involved in the offense.  As a father I am truly impressed with him and I must attribute these gains to the thorough teachings of Point Guard College.”
Ken Williams, Lakeville, Massachusetts

“The level of intensity and effort that is demanded at all times gives you a glimpse of greatness and allows you to understand what is necessary to achieve it.”
Megan Murphy, Clinton Corners, New York.

“My son told me that he learned more in an hour at PGC than he did at all the other camps combined. Imagine picking your child up from an athletic camp and having him say to you that he is ready to be a leader and can't wait to begin helping the other players on his team. That is the attitude and work ethic that my son got from PGC.”
Dave Brunell, Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

“Tonight I had the best game of my life. And the better decisions and plays I made, and most everything good that I did, you taught me only a couple of days earlier. I thank you for this very special week that has shaped me into a better basketball player and a better person in my life.”
J.J. Landis, Fredericksburg, Texas.

“My son has been a different kid since the Essentials basketball camp. Now he thinks talks and acts like a leader. His personal growth has been remarkable. He is so much more confident and is not afraid to fail. Last night was his first game of the season. He started and played 34 minutes, the most he has ever played in a competitive basketball game. He played with passion, fire, and energy. Honestly, I can’t believe it is my son. PGC taught him how to play the right way.”
Joe Osborn, Fort Wayne, Indiana

“After attending Think The Game last year, I was very excited to be able to come to the Essentials course. After my week at Essentials, I feel as though I am walking away with a completely new game. I feel much more driven and determined to achieve my goals. This week was unforgettable and I look forward to returning to PGC.”
Emma Golen, Novi, Michigan

“I had twin boys (Keegan and Cole) who attended the Essentials session.  The night before the boys went back to school, the family was sitting having dinner and my husband asked the boys “what the highlight of their summer was”.  Keegan was the first to answer and he very quickly said, “PGC”.  Cole’s response was, “The talks that we had at Essentials”.  They were his favorite part of his time at PGC.  I am not sure what the talks were about, nor do I ever need to know, but they had a huge impact on our sons.  After PGC, he found the love of the game again that seemed to have been lost.  It has also spilled over into other aspects of both of the boys’ lives.   It seems so very inadequate to say, but, thank you.”
Frances Bonner-Parker, Calgary, Alberta

“I LOVED Essentials and how much information on the game of basketball it included. There are SO many hidden pieces that are so small but make such a big difference. I don’t know where else I would have found those pieces, besides PGC.”
Devon Spirka, Wilmington, Vermont

“My daughter attended PGC in 2010. Last year Mariah was selected as the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) Player of the Year, and Women’s D-III News has her listed as one of the top 24 players in the nation. She has always been a strong fundamental basketball player, but I believe that PGC put her over the top and gave her the confidence to dominate her league. As a former college coach, I cannot thank you enough.”
John Cort, Ventura, California.

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1434153600 Jun 9 - 13 University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH Adam Turner, Sam Allen Register Register Register
1434758400 Jun 16 - 20 Benedictine University Lisle, IL Graham Maxwell Register Register Register
1435276800 Jun 22 - 26 Missouri Western State University St. Joseph, MO Adam Turner Register Register Register
1435276800 Jun 22 - 26 Azusa Pacific University Azusa, CA Dave Daniels, Marke Freeman Register Register Register
1435276800 Jun 22 - 26 Oklahoma State University Stillwater, OK Sam Allen Register Register Register
1435449600 Jun 24 - 28 University of Waterloo Waterloo, ON Jamon Copeland Register Register Register
1435622400 Jun 26 - 30 Emory University Atlanta, GA Graham Maxwell Register Register Register
1435795200 Jun 28 - Jul 2 Towson University Towson, MD Sam Allen Register Register Register
1435881600 Jun 29 - Jul 3 Lewis & Clark College Portland, OR Marke Freeman Register Register Register
1435881600 Jun 29 - Jul 3 Weber State University Ogden, UT Dave Daniels Register Register Register
1436486400 Jul 6 - 10 Rollins College Winter Park, FL Dustin Aubert, Graham Maxwell, Tyler Coston Register Register Register
1436486400 Jul 6 - 10 Millsaps College Jackson, MS Sam Allen Register Register Register
1436572800 Jul 7 - 11 Texas Woman’s University Denton, TX Jamon Copeland Register Register Register
1437091200 Jul 13 - 17 Augsburg College Minneapolis, MN Marke Freeman Register Register Register
1437523200 Jul 18 - 22 St. Mary’s University San Antonio, TX Graham Maxwell Register Register Register
1437696000 Jul 20 - 24 Wheaton College Norton, MA Adam Turner Register Register Register
1437782400 Jul 21 - 25 University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA Marke Freeman Register Register Register
1437782400 Jul 21 - 25 University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO Jamon Copeland Register Register Register
1438300800 Jul 27 - 31 Texas Woman’s University Denton, TX Marke Freeman Register Register Register
1438300800 Jul 27 - 31 McDaniel College Westminster, MD Adam Turner Register Register Register
1438300800 Jul 27 - 31 Greensboro College Greensboro, NC Graham Maxwell Register Register Register
1438387200 Jul 28 - Aug 1 Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, OH Sam Allen Register Register Register
1438905600 Aug 3 - 7 Western Connecticut State University Danbury, CT Sam Allen Register Register Register
1438905600 Aug 3 - 7 Fresno State Fresno, CA Dave Daniels, Graham Maxwell Register Register Register
1438992000 Aug 4 - 8 University of Washington Seattle, WA Gilbert Abraham, Micah Mills, Tyler Coston Register Register Register
1440115200 Aug 17 - 21 University of Washington Seattle, WA Graham Maxwell, Marke Freeman, Tyler Coston Register Register Register

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