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  • TUITION: $1995

    This 6-day, 5-night camp includes meals and accommodations

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    • Six days of intense learning with an all-star line-up of PGC Instructors and Directors
    • An intimate environment with multi-time PGC grads and elite-level players
    • 10 hours of rigorous court, classroom, and leadership sessions daily
    • A reversible PGC jersey and gift pack for each player


    • Applying PGC habits to actual game situations
    • Using PGC principles to impact your team practices
    • Adapting your game to special end-of-game situations
    • Practicing offensive and defensive principles to leverage mismatches
    • Scouting opposing players to keep them in a zone of inefficiency
    • Applying leadership principles from the other PGC courses to tackle challenging in-game situations
    • Developing a powerful state-of-mind to become unstoppable


    PGC Grad School has a maximum enrollment of 128 players to ensure the best experience possible for players. Typical camps are 2-3 times this size, but we don’t take any more players than our course director can know by name. Most of our sessions fill up and we turn away lots of players each summer, but we limit enrollment so we can provide the best experience possible for players.



    Eligibility: Varsity – College

    Male and female college players, incoming high school seniors, and incoming juniors who have attended two or more PGC summer courses.

    Don’t meet the eligibility criteria? Apply here to be considered.

    Player Tuition: $1,995

    This 6-day, 5-night camp includes meals and accommodations.

    Save $100 if you do not require a dorm room.

    All prices in US dollars.



    Eligibility: Coaches of all levels

    Enrollment is limited to 25 coaches per session. Click here for additional observing coach details.

    Coach Tuition: $395

    Each 6-day, 5-night camp includes meals and a private dorm room.

    Full payment required to reserve your spot.

    Save $100 if you do not require a dorm room.

    All prices in US dollars.


    Recent Reviews From Parents, Players, and Coaches

    Over 25 years, 75,000 players and 5,000 coaches have attended PGC. Here's what they said after attending a camp.


    based on 69 reviews.

    See some of the reviews here.

    I have a new commitment in life
    As a result of attending PGC, I have a new commitment in life from it both as a...
    I was injured but not left out.
    I had shin splints, but never for one second felt left out. I even think I had a...
    I gained confidence and leadership skills.
    I learned so much this week, not only about the game of basketball but about myself. The confidence...
    My experience was amazing.
    PGC taught me many valuable things throughout the week and pushed me to be my best. I did...
    Got me out of my comfort zone
    Great experience & really got me out of my comfort zone and learned so much about the game.
    Best $300 vacation ever
    First, it was a boost personally. Coaches, like everyone else, get worn down over time. It was great...
    This experience has changed my approach
    This experience has changed my approach as a coach. As someone who is forever a student of the...
    PGC is a life changing experience.
    Best basketball Camp I've been to! PGC is a life changing experience. PGC has given me a new...
    I feel like I can go on to the next level of basketball because of PGC.
    I feel like I can go on to the next level of basketball because of PGC. It helped...
    I learned things I wouldn't learn at other camps.
    At PGC, I learned things I wouldn't learn in other camps around the US or in the Philippines.
    PGC was even better the second time.
    I had been to a PGC course before, and I knew what to expect. I was still amazed...
    PGC made me believe in myself
    PGC made me believe in myself and taught me so many ways to make my game better. Best...
    Changed me as a athlete, leader, and teammate.
    Best week. Demanded precision, eye contact, energy, and a championship environment. Changed me as a athlete, leader, and...
    PGC has changed my life.
    PGC's principles about life & basketball have changed me. All the instructors had such an amazing on impact...
    PGC is a life-changing experience.
    It was a very life changing experience. I am already looking at the game a whole different way.

    What Others Have Said...

    This week opened my eyes to things I had never seen or thought about before. It has SCHAPE’d me into what I always hoped I would become—a LEADER.

    Noah Drassinower  |  

    The PGC Grad School has been the highlight of my summer and will probably be the highlight of my year. I left a different person with a new perspective on life. I met so many genuine people who I will ever be grateful for. Thank you for giving me the chance to better my game and learn about ‘life mastery’. It has literally changed my life! I will forever cherish the knowledge gained at Grad School.

    Catherine Shope  |  Cumming, GA

    I learned so many daily life practices and golden nuggets that will change my life. This has been one of the best weeks ever in my life. It’s perfect and I wouldn’t change a single thing!

    Tommy Thompson  |  

    This week was an amazing experience and I loved this course more than any other because it is more advanced and puts all of the essentials of what you’ve already learned from other PGC courses into game-like situations.

    Allie Schulte  |  

    This was the best course I’ve gone to. When I get back home there is going to be a big change with my team, attitude and how I play. This week taught me stuff that I never thought about, and I can already tell that it made me a better player. I HIGHLY recommend it and I’ll be back next year to learn even more.

    Clay Fennell  |  

    This course is the one that finally got me able to communicate on the court. The other PGC courses gave me the principles, but this week finally stuck it in my mind what it can to do to your team. This week really let me open up and be a more open person. This will help me exponentially.

    David Lusk  |  

    PGC has completely changed my identity of who I am as a basketball player, and who I am as a person. I was pulled outside of my comfort zone by leading and supporting my teammates, as well as telling them the truth in love. I have become a more confident basketball player and leader, and I am committed to bringing my new identity home with me to my teammates. I have met so many new people and have had the opportunity to have some really inspiring conversations that will last a lifetime. The coaches are all amazing and I learned so much from each and every one. A couple months after the session I signed with Trinity Western University to play basketball, and I believe I wouldn’t have made it there without everything you taught me. Thank you so much 🙂

    Alicia Unruh  |  

    This course has had a greater impact on me than any other course. It was also my favorite course. This week taught me about love. Love for the game, yourself, and others. It gave me the opportunity to share my love for life with others. I learned countless ways to improve my shot. I learned that I am a leader and I can impact and enhance the lives of the people around me. Coach Tyler, I feel like we really connected this week and you breathed so much life and passion into me. I appreciate your confidence in me immensely. I feel like being more involved with PGC is what I need most to become the best person possible. Thank you so much, I appreciate PGC beyond words!

    Mary Eckenrode  |  

    Each time you attend a course, the skills are ‘re-loaded’ back into your game. Without a doubt, this has been the most intense and beneficial week of basketball I have ever had.

    Michael Reimer  |  Newcastle, Wyoming

    This PGC course has given me more confidence that I could’ve ever imagined. I believe I’ll be able to serve my team on and off the court more with this new-found confidence.

    Abree Finsterwald  |  

    Zibby has attended other PGC courses and this is the one course that could now meet her developing talents and leadership needs.

    Meg Eckhardt  |  Parent of PGC Grad

    This experience has impacted me greatly both off and on the court. Off the court, it has helped me to connect with PGC grads and coaches I have never met before. On the court, it’s helped me to be more of a team player and to implement the knowledge I’ve received from other PGC courses to become the most energetic player on the court.

    Ethan Chun  |  

    This week was a stretch for me. This was so far out of my comfort zone, but with the help of the coaches and other teammates I got out of my comfort zone. Every time I come to PGC everything we do applies to basketball and life, and I love that.

    Isabella Bulone  |  

    This course has had a very positive impact on not only my basketball career, but my life. The director constantly spoke about creating the habits that match your aspirations. This isn’t only important for my basketball career, but also my life. Having great habits like reading every night, eating water-based food, or writing in a dailly journal will not only improve me as a player, but as a person. I also received excellent information from great coaches that will help me in playing at the next level.

    Stan White  |  

    I really enjoyed this week because I got to bond and create a relationship with a team, and learn how to communicate with them the way a team should to be successful. I got to live that here, and now I can take it back to my team. I also got more one-on-one time than any other PGC session I’ve attended, which was beneficial.

    Megan Krehbiel  |  

    I have learned so much about how to be a leader, and this course really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I used to be really shy, but from this experience I’ve grown a lot in confidence. This course has been a major highlight of my life.

    Brennan Gardner  |