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    • 12 hours of instructional time
    • Four interactive classroom sessions and four gym sessions each day
    • Video analysis of collegiate and pro players


    • Improving the speed of your shot preparation and release
    • Mastering shots all great scorers need in their toolbox
    • Training to ensure real improvement occurs when you practice
    • Discovering the keys to protecting your confidence



    Eligibility: 7th – 12th Grade

    Player Tuition: $245
    Schedule Coming July 2019

    Meals and accommodations are not included.

    Full payment required to reserve your spot.

    All prices in US dollars.



    Eligibility: Coaches of all levels

    Attend as an Observing Coach with your players or on your own.

    Coach Tuition: FREE (Regularly $95).
    Use discount code COACH95 at checkout and the $95 tuition fee will be waived.

    Meals and accommodations are not included.

    Full payment required to reserve your spot.

    All prices in US dollars.


    Recent Reviews From Parents, Players, and Coaches

    Over 25 years, 95,000 players and 6,500 coaches have attended PGC. Here's what they said after attending a camp.


    based on 69 reviews.

    See some of the reviews here.

    PGC has changed who I am.
    PGC changed my life, it changed who I was, how I played. It was the one thing I...
    An experience different from any other "basketball camp."
    An experience different from any other "basketball camp."
    Opened my eyes
    Changed the way, that I think about the game. Opened my eyes to the How, Why, and What.
    PGC made me reevaluate how I run my program
    This week's experience was inspiring, insightful and uplifting. It has made me reevaluate how I run my program...
    PGC has renewed my mindset.
    Coming into PGC my mindset was that I was doing it for fun and after the camp I...
    I am most definetly coming back!!!
    This was by far the best camp I've ever been to. The dynamics of the coaches and athletes...
    PGC is an absolute must for anyone serious
    PGC is an absolute must for anyone serious about taking their game to the next level.
    Simply the best!!!
    This experience is exactly that - an experience. It is simply the best that I have ever attended...
    Best camp period
    Best camp period. You would be missing out greatly if you had a chance to go and didn't...
    I was injured but not left out.
    I had shin splints, but never for one second felt left out. I even think I had a...
    I have a new commitment in life
    As a result of attending PGC, I have a new commitment in life from it both as a...
    I gained confidence and leadership skills.
    I learned so much this week, not only about the game of basketball but about myself. The confidence...
    My experience was amazing.
    PGC taught me many valuable things throughout the week and pushed me to be my best. I did...
    Got me out of my comfort zone
    Great experience & really got me out of my comfort zone and learned so much about the game.
    PGC has changed my life.

    What Others Have Said...

    The Shooting College has been such an eye-opener for me. I now have a work-out that I can do everyday that will give me results! I had no idea how to really train before this course. I wasn’t taking game shots at game speed…and then I would wonder why I wasn’t nailing shots during games. Now I know I wasn’t training the right way. I especially benefit from video sessions, which reinforced everything you talked about during the classroom sessions, and putting the concepts into practice in game situations. Thank you PGC!

    Nikki H  |  Bedford, New Hampshire

    This has been an amazing experience and I learned so much about myself and how much harder I can push myself. I got so much out of the course and I can’t wait to use these work-outs back at school. I know I’ve made a big stride in my shooting. I came here as a good shooter and I’m leaving her with the knowledge that I can and will be a great shooter. Thank you!

    Amanda Parris  |  College Junior, Summerville, GA

    What a GREAT learning experience it was for me to attend the Shooting College this past weekend as an observing coach. I learned so many great concepts about shooting and it has really made me think about the way I teach the game. Also, my three players who attended the course felt like they learned so much as well!

    Mathieu Beaudoin  |  Boys Varsity La Ruche Coach, Canada

    In the Shooting College, I found new ways to tweak my shot so I can perfect my form. The drills we learned to create our own personal shooting work-out gave me a template that I can follow so I’m not just shooting around at the gym. It’s great how such a small work-out can be so effective. All I can say is thank you for the experience and I can’t wait to be back!

    Kate Inchun  |  Houston, Texas