I had no idea how to really train before this course. I now have a work-out that I can do everyday that gives me results!
Nikki H  |  Bedford, New Hampshire

great shooting

Learn how great shooters think, shoot, and practice.

Designed to help players develop a shooter’s mindset, develop sound shooting techniques, and train effectively to craft a more reliable shot. Players also will benefit from learning specific shots that great scorers need in their toolbox.



If you don’t feel your PGC Course enhanced your knowledge and understanding of the game, contact us within 3 days after completing camp, and will give you DOUBLE your money back.

PGC is the only program in the entire camp industry to offer this type of guarantee.


Eligibility: Junior High to Varsity

  • Incoming 7th- to 12th-grade male and female players

Player Tuition: $245

  • No meals or accomodations
  • A  deposit is required to reserve your spot
  • All prices in US dollars


Eligibility: Coaches of all levels

Coach Tuition: $95

  • No meals or accommodations
  • Full payment required to reserve your spot
  • All prices in US dollars
STAY TUNED! PGCs Fall Camp Schedule will be released in June

Shooting college EmphasiZES

  • Building sound shooting techniques
  • Improving the speed of your release
  • Mastering specific shots that great scorers need in their toolbox
  • Training to ensure real improvement when you practice
  • Discovering the keys to protecting your confidence

All weekend Courses Include

  • 12 hours of instructional time
  • Four interactive classroom sessions and four gym sessions
  • Video analysis of collegiate and pro players
  • Leadership and communication training
  • Passionate and dedicated directors & instructors

success stories

The Shooting College has been such an eye-opener for me. I now have a work-out that I can do everyday that will give me results! I had no idea how to really train before this course. I wasn’t taking game shots at game speed…and then I would wonder why I wasn’t nailing shots during games. Now I know I wasn’t training the right way. I especially benefit from video sessions, which reinforced everything you talked about during the classroom sessions, and putting the concepts into practice in game situations. Thank you PGC!
Nikki H  |  Bedford, New Hampshire
This has been an amazing experience and I learned so much about myself and how much harder I can push myself. I got so much out of the course and I can’t wait to use these work-outs back at school. I know I’ve made a big stride in my shooting. I came here as a good shooter and I’m leaving her with the knowledge that I can and will be a great shooter. Thank you!
Amanda Parris  |  College Junior, Summerville, GA
What a GREAT learning experience it was for me to attend the Shooting College this past weekend as an observing coach. I learned so many great concepts about shooting and it has really made me think about the way I teach the game. Also, my three players who attended the course felt like they learned so much as well!
Mathieu Beaudoin  |  Boys Varsity La Ruche Coach, Canada
My son recently completed the Essentials session. Since returning home he works out each day and is committed to his 30-day challenges. I would also like to mention that I am very impressed with my son's poise, leadership, confidence and shot selection since his attendance. He now plays more aggressively in the paint against bigger players who are stunned when they are beaten and scored on at the hoop. As a father I am truly impressed with him and I must attribute these gains to the thorough teachings of Point Guard College.
Ken Williams  |  Lakeville, Massachusetts
In the Shooting College, I found new ways to tweak my shot so I can perfect my form. The drills we learned to create our own personal shooting work-out gave me a template that I can follow so I’m not just shooting around at the gym. It’s great how such a small work-out can be so effective. All I can say is thank you for the experience and I can’t wait to be back!
Kate Inchun  |  Houston, Texas