PGC camps are where serious basketball players spend their summer.
We teach players to think the game at a college and pro level, and become leaders both on and off the court.

Point Guard College will greatly improve the play of any aspiring player.
Coach John Wooden (1910-2010)  |  Named Coach of the Century by ESPN, Winner of 10 NCAA Championships

Residential Camps (5 Days, 4 Nights)


Playmaker College

ELIGIBILITY: 7th - 11th Grade

Be the player your coach trusts with the ball in pressure situations.

Discover how to be the smartest player on the floor while developing the mental toughness, habits and focus necessary for greatness, both on the court and in life.

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Scoring College

ELIGIBILITY: 9th - 12th & College

Become an unstoppable scorer from every position on the court.

Learn high-level techniques for breaking down defenses and creating easy scoring opportunities. Plus, unlock a new mindset to deal with adversity and overcome any challenge.

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Point Guard College

ELIGIBILITY: 9th - 12th & College

Our flagship program for learning how to think the game.

You’ll discover how the best guards in the world read and react to every in-game scenario… and finally become the leader every coach wants to have on their team.

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PGC Grad School

ELIGIBILITY: 11th-12th grade & College Players

Our highest-level program for mastering the game… and, your life.

Compete against other top PGC grads and push the limits of your performance to a level you’ve never experienced. If you’ve benefit from our other camps, you don’t want to miss out on Grad School.

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Summer Day Camps(5 Days)


Skills Academy

ELIGIBILITY: 4th - 7th Grade

Develop the skills you actually need to play at the next level.

Sharpen your ball-handling, shooting, passing, finishing, and scoring moves, and learn the “intangibles” that all good players possess.

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Fall Weekend Camps(2 Days)


Shooting College

ELIGIBILITY: 7th - 12th Grade

Learn how great shooters think, feel, and train.

Rewire your shooting mechanics for maximum accuracy, develop a lightning-quick release, and discover the mindset and training required to become a deadly shooter.

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Which camp should I attend first?

Is PGC for players of every position?

Yes. We teach the game, not a group of skills specific to one position. Any player will benefit from any PGC camp—regardless of their position—as long as they are truly eager to learn the game.

How many players attend each session?

The majority of our sessions have between 80-120 players. Typically, basketball camps are two to three times the size of our sessions, but we don’t take any more players than our course director can know by name. Most of our programs fill up and we turn away lots of players each summer, but we limit enrollment so that we can provide the best experience possible for players.

What's the competition level like at each session?

While the level of competition may vary slightly from session to session, there is nearly always suitable competition for the varying levels of the players. We occasionally have a pro player or top NCAA player who is significantly better than everyone else, but these players understand the intention of the week is development and learning, not competition. As long you as understand this too, it won’t matter much who you’re competing against through the week.

Speaking of top players, while there are significantly more high school players than college players in attendance at Scoring College and Point Guard College courses, college players typically benefit as much if not more than high school players. As we teach details and subtleties of the game, we’ve found the more playing experience someone has, the more likely it is they’ll benefit from a PGC course.

How do I know if I'm good enough to attend PGC?

We get this question often and it’s not about being ‘good enough’. If you are a dedicated player who loves the game and wants to improve, you’ll fit right in, no matter your skill level. If you’re not interested in learning the game and getting better, PGC is probably not for you, regardless of how good you are.

What if there aren't any courses where I live?

We understand this can be a problem, and we increase our number of locations each summer in order to make our camps easier to access. Something to consider though: What’s most important to you?

The average PGC course—in any single location—attracts players from 11 states, as well as a handful of international players. Hundreds of players fly, endure long bus rides, or beg a parent or coach to drive them 10-12 hours to get to PGC. We are constantly amazed at how far some players will travel in order to attend a session. Right now, players in North Dakota, Alaska, Lithuania, England and New Zealand are coming up with creative ways to get themselves to PGC.

So, don’t let distance be a deal-breaker for you. Where there’s a will, there’s usually a way.

“When we left PGC, we had a 10-hour trip ahead of us, so I thought that Daymon would sleep most of the way home.  Although physically exhausted, he was so energized and excited that we talked for over nine hours about his experience at PGC.  He said, ‘Dad, this was one of the greatest weeks of my life.’  Since we got home, he has intensified his workouts by taking your ‘30-day challenge’. Last night, I watched him play in open gym and he is already incorporating what he learned into his game. Thanks for the positive impact that you made on our son.”

— Joe Osborn, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

What if I don’t know my summer schedule yet?

You can wait until you know your complete summer schedule before you register. The only problem is, the session you want to attend may be sold out by then.

To help you deal with this challenge, PGC offers Tuition Protection for only $45. You can also transfer to another session, if needed, without any additional cost, as long as it’s at least two weeks prior to your session.