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  • Online Training participants – We are pleased to start having one or two athletes each month blog through their 30-Day Challenge. If you would like to contribute with a few blogs as you go through one of your Challenges, please email me at mano@pgcbasketball.com. Enjoy the first blog from 2-time PGC attendee Clint Cybulski…

    Hello Fellow PGC Online Trainers,

    My name is Clint Cybulski.  I am a freshman attending Brock University and I am a practice player and student Manager for the varsity basketball team.  I am about to begin the Top Priorities Challenge on the PGC Online training course.  I have chosen to take this challenge because in my first year of university it feels like there is always something going on and it is very hard to be mentally focused and getting  the most important tasks done.

    I am really looking forward to it but I am a bit nervous that with the work load I have it will be hard to make time every day.  That is why before I start I have told a few of my friends, and teammates that I am taking on this task and I have asked them to help hold me accountable if I skip a day of the challenge.

    For every day that I miss I must run a triple suicide the next day. Giving yourself a punishment and telling others into it is a great way of staying focused on your goal.

    Wish me luck! Once I finish this message I’m going to start watching the video and begin prioritizing my life.


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