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    If you want be a high-level basketball player, stop going to the gym just “to get shots up.”

    That’s what average players do. Many players go to the gym, don’t see improvement, and find themselves frustrated and discouraged. Nobody wants that, and you don’t deserve that.

    “I’ve seen thousands of players across the country, and finding a great shooter is rare. Here’s how to be the 1 in a 1000 that forces coaches to notice” – Tyler Coston

    Incorporate game like actions into all of your shooting workouts. Watch film of your games to identify the shots you get most often and build your workouts around those shots. In games, you experience movements, reads, and decisions which require specific types of footwork, technique, and execution. So if you’re not deliberately practicing those things, tracking your results, and self correcting, you’re wasting time.

    This is what the best shooters in the world like Steph Curry, Ellena Delle Donne, and Klay Thompson do when they train. To be like them, you must begin to train like them.

    Now, you might be thinking, “What am I supposed to do? What should my in season shooting workout look like?”

    To start, write down your three most common types of game shots: (examples include shots off the move, ball screen, & stationary shots)

    Next, embed those shots into your workout.

    Here’s an example framework we dive deep into at our Fall Shooting Colleges for a 150-200 shot workout that will help you elevate your shooting training and improve performance.

    1. Tune Up – 50 Shots

    Tune up & tighten the bolts on your shot every time you go in the gym with 50 shots within 5 ft of the basket.

    2. Train – 100 Shots

    Take the 2-3 most common types of game shots you get (from above) & embed them in this segment of the workout.

    3. Test – 2 minutes

    Challenge yourself in one of our 4 shooting tests: Allen ladder, Beal pressure, McCollum 52, or Redick 90-4 or create your own shooting test that infuses greater stakes into your workout just like a game would have.

    After you complete the workout, you must track your results in the train & test portion of the workout. If you are not assessing, you’re guessing and no great player leaves their game to chance.

    Once you begin doing this, you’ll begin to feel more prepared and confident when you step on the court which will lead to a higher percentage of shots made, more games won, and you becoming a player coaches notice.

    Next: Discover how to Train Like a Pro in this video.

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