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    ​So I’ve been out here digging for the past two hours. Here’s some of the evidence of the digging.

    And I started before it was even light outside. And you might be wondering, why am I digging? It’s 10 degrees below freezing and snowing outside.

    Well, it’s a long story, but if you live on a country property, you’d be familiar with a septic tank. If you live in the city, this is going to be unfamiliar to you.

    But there was this pipe that we needed to expose. I won’t go into the details. It’s a long story.

    I’ll just summarize it by saying something that we often teach at our PGC Basketball Camps and that is, sometimes in life you can work hard and sometimes you can work smart. And this is one of those times in which I’m having to work hard.

    And here’s what happened.

    A couple of days ago, I asked my kids to come out and dig.

    And so they dug for about 30 or 45 minutes. And then they came inside and said, dad, we weren’t able to find the pipe. And I said, keep on digging. About half an hour later, I came back to check and they were inside the house and they said we just couldn’t find the pipe. And we needed to have the pipe exposed for this guy coming out this morning.

    So I got up extra early while it was still dark out. The ground was frozen, I had to dig through that and break through that. And I spent the past two hours digging, trying to find this pipe and I have yet to find it.

    So I don’t have a good news story…yet. And yet can be a powerful word when you need to exhibit resilience or grit in whatever it is in your life.

    Whether it’s a homework assignment, if you’re a student or an essay that you’re struggling with, keep on digging. Or your basketball training, and it’s too hot outside or too cold outside, or you just can’t figure out the move you’re working on, keep on digging. Or maybe it’s a work related project, maybe it’s a marriage relationship that’s struggling, keep on digging.

    Whatever it is in life, when things get tough, you got to build that grit and resilience muscle like I’m doing right now. I’m not giving up until I figure this out, until I find this pipe.

    Keep on digging, that’s your Monday mindset.

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