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    A little different Monday Mindset for you today. We typically post things on social media when we’re at our best or having our best experiences, but what about when we’re not at our best?

    As you could probably hear and see, I’m feeling pretty rough on day four of being under the weather and I was tested for COVID, it’s not COVID, fortunately and thankfully, but I was thinking about, in light of how I’m feeling, how to respond when faced with challenges.

    Not challenges you’ve set for yourself, many of us set challenges for ourselves, but when challenges are thrown your way, we experience a lot of curve balls in life, setbacks, adversities, unplanned challenges. You know what I call that? I call that life. That’s life. There’s good days, there’s difficult days and how do you handle those difficult days? Those challenges that are unanticipated and that you’d prefer not to face?

    Sure there’s a level of resiliency and grit and positivity and faith and hope that are required, but one of the things I often remind myself of when going through difficult circumstances, is I try and take the broad view and I try and zoom out of the moment or the day or that season of life. I zoom out and remind myself, “This two shall pass. There will be better days and brighter days are ahead.”

    Whatever you’re going through today, if you’re going through any level of challenge that’s created discouragement or frustration, just remind yourself this too will pass. Just zoom out. You don’t need to send me any notes. I will get better. I know this too shall pass, but I’m shooting this to remind you of that as well.

    That’s your Monday Mindset.

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