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  • Nov. 25 | The 3-Point Play


    Why use two-foot stops in the paint?

    • Gives you balance & power
    • Helps you to take more contact
    • Gives you time to make better decisions.
    • Gives you the chance to use fakes and draw fouls

    When you play off one, you have to be right.

    If the finish is quick, clever, or clear, a one-foot finish is fine.

    If it’s not, play off two.


    “A number of studies over the years have linked gratitude to happiness, improved health, resiliency, stronger relationships, and heightened productivity — even better sleep. So when you cultivate a thankful culture, you’re creating an environment where others can thrive.

    What this means is gratitude is not optional, and it can’t just happen occasionally or by accident. Gratitude must be practiced intentionally and frequently so it becomes a habit ingrained in your culture.”

    – Sarah Sain, Naylor Association Solutions


    A thanksgiving challenge for you:

    Write a thank you card or text of a former coach, teammate, or friend. Start with the words, “I don’t say this often enough, but I just want to say thanks for…”

    You’ll be surprised by the responses you receive.

    (Thanks to John O’Sullivan from Changing the Game Project for this idea of what to say in your text…)

    New Here?

    Welcome to the 3-Point Play, where you’ll get a quick dose of wisdom to enhance your game and life.

    Whether you’re a player, parent, or coach, join to get a:

    • basketball tip
    • leadership lesson,
    • and life principle

    …that’s easy to apply to your life.


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