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  • Trouble with ball screens? This week TJ Rosene shares two creative ways to help all of your players use the ball screen in your offense – “Yo” screens & “Name” Screens.

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    Average ball handlers use too much energy when trying to beat a defender. Smart ball handlers, like Damian Lillard, make the game easy by finding ways to be efficient with their energy.
    Join Tyler Coston in this week’s video and discover how your players can use Lillard’s “hips attack” to create dribble separation against any defender.

    Episode 399: Steve Gomez

    This week we’re joined by 3x National Championship Head Coach, Steve Gomez. He is headed into his 19th season as head coach at Lubbock Christian University. In this episode we talk about fast paced practices, how they teach and execute over 100 set plays, and the importance of senior leadership in their program.

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