Dealing With Unfair Circumstances

As parents, we need our children to go through unfair circumstances to develop their grit. Join PGC President Mano Watsa as he explains ways to help your child navigate these challenges and develop them for a lifetime of success.

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3 Tips To Help Navigate The Digital World (Video)

Attempting to navigate your child through the digital world can not only be challenging, but also frustrating. Join PGC President Mano Watsa as he shares a few of his best practices to help keep young people present and engaged while dealing with the distractions of phones and social media.

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Help! My Kids Are Always On Their Phones (Video)

Join PGC President Mano Watsa as he shares some of the tips he’s learned to help navigate the distractions of technology, including adopting a technique from PGC founder Dick DeVenzio called “an air-conditioned room conversation.”

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3 Ways to Finish at the Rim (Drill Video)

PGC Director Sam Allen brings you this drill called “3-part Floater” to help your players add options to their arsenal. These finishes require players come to a controlled stop, on two feet. This control will allow them to change their attack and take advantage of whatever the defense gives them.

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Improve Defensive Communication (Video)

Improve your team’s communication on defense this season with 2-on-2 Defensive Manipulation. Coach TJ Rosene uses this drill to take away weapons from the defensive team to challenge them. When you take away some weapons, you force your defense to…

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Are you talking too much? (Video)

PGC Director Chad Songy shares insight into one thing he does to help coaches improve their teaching, their communication and efficiency. He does this by analyzing how learning is achieved in practice drills. 

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Do Coaches Play Favorites?

Do coaches play favorites?

…Yes they do.

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So Few Characters, so Much Impact: 3 Ways to Help Your Players Utilize Social Media (Hudl)

The best way to craft an effective offense is to get your best shooters launching from where they’re most efficient. Chasing that data led to the creation of the shot chart, as coaches often had assistants charting makes and misses from the bench or while watching the video afterward.

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