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  • Here are some thoughts from Boston Celtics assistant basketball coach, Kevin Eastman, about the role and responsibilities of assistant basketball coaches. If you’ve made it this far, keep reading because there are some ideas that hold true for all levels of basketball coaches, basketball players, and parents as well:

    1. You are given a role by the head coach and that is your job and it is not negotiable.
    2. Check your ego at the door.
    3. Improvement and advancement do not exist in isolation.
    4. Do not fear going up to someone. Fear the consequence of not going up to someone.
    5. Law of Diminishing Intent: The longer you put something off, the less likely you’ll get it done.
    6. Your paycheck is your responsibility based on the value you bring to your head coach and team:
      • Your income will seldom exceed your own personal development.
      • To have more you have to become more.
    7. It is about investment, not entitlement.
    8. You can’t get a job with a written resume. It’s about a visual resume.
    9. Jobs find coaches, coaches don’t find jobs.
    10. We need ‘doormen’ in life:
      • We need people to provide us with opportunities and give us a chance to showcase our knowledge or capability.
    11. Be prepared before you need to be.


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