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  • Dec. 30 | The 3-Point Play

    Forget tough lay-ups and fade-aways.

    They don’t help you win games.
    In fact, they help the other team beat you.

    Get balanced. Balance is better.
    Balance helps you make more shots.

    Balance communicates to your teammates you care about them, because you care about the best shot for the team.

    Relationships are your currency.

    When you have a tough conversation, give a critique, or hold a teammate accountable, it will work in direct proportion to how strong that relationship is.

    Strong relationship = strong influence
    Weak relationship = weak influence

    Connect before you correct.


    “We see trophies, not sweat. Diplomas, not homework. Performances, not rehearsals.

    When we witness extraordinary feats of sporting or artistic prowess, we are witnessing the end product of a process measured in years. What is invisible to us – the submerged evidence, as it were – is the countless hours of practice that have gone into the making of the virtuoso performance: the relentless drills, the mastery of technique and form, the solitary concentration that have, literally, altered the anatomical and neurological structures of the master performer.

    What we do not see is what we might call the hidden logic of success.”

    – Matthew Syed

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    Welcome to the 3-Point Play, where you’ll get a quick dose of wisdom to enhance your game and life.

    Whether you’re a player, parent, or coach, join to get a:

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