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    I’m here with the coolest dude in the Cayman Islands, my man, Macai Bernard, my friend Safu’s son. He wants to learn how to spin the ball on his finger, specifically tapping.

    “Go ahead, Macai, show what you’re able to do right now. All right, sunglasses off, good idea. And go ahead and spin that ball on your finger.”

    So he’s just starting to learn how to keep that ball on his finger. And he wanted to know how to tap the basketball.

    And so I told him I’d teach him how.

    What he needed was five minutes a day for 10 days.

    That’s it.

    It’s amazing what type of improvement you can make in just five minutes a day for 10 days. Because he wants to learn how to tap the basketball lightly to get it going faster and faster, so he can then learn how to do additional tricks with the ball. But this only comes with practice every day.

    So my challenge to Macai is five minutes a day to transform what he can do.

    You can learn anything, you can grow in anything, with just five minutes a day of consistent practice.

    What do you want to get better in? What do you want to do differently in this 2023 year to change your life or improve your skills?

    Five minutes a day, get after it.

    That’s your Monday Mindset.

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