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  • By Melissa Golo (PGC Grad)

    All I ever wanted was to be a college basketball player.

    But after a terrible experience with my coach and club team, I wanted to quit. In fact, I took a whole month off at one point because I lost my confidence and wasn’t having any fun. It felt like I was putting in the work and seeing no results.

    The coach wouldn’t play me.

    After going to PGC, I learned a few things.

    1. It’s not how big you are, it’s how big you play.
    2. Confidence comes from preparation and self talk.
    3. How you do anything is how you do everything.

    I also have amazing memories from the experience. I remember my first tournament of champions on the final night. I remember playing the famous Jai Alai and the energy being electric.

    Being around all these like minded people who wanted to learn great habits and mindsets were phenomenal! The way we celebrated each other and how it felt to be teammates with them is how I wanted it to be back home.

    And these habits weren’t just for basketball, they were for life. I remember being at the University of California – Riverside session with Chad Songy as my director.

    The way he taught the game of basketball and PGC culture was inspirational. Directors and staff put all their heart and soul into teaching this curriculum to athletes who are open minded and strive to become better.

    During that session, it was the final night and the college player on his team accidentally dribbled a basketball other than the game ball. (not allowed)

    His whole team had to go back into the competition and he ended up being the final person to win their way out.

    Before he started shooting his 7 free throws in a row, (a PGC Tradition) he mentioned he was gonna do it on his first try. Then he stepped up and did just that. When that happened, we all went nuts.

    To be able to push through adversity and come out on top is a great feeling.

    I never thought I would have enjoyed being in an environment where mistakes are okay because they are learning opportunities. To see flaws as room for improvement. PGC’s culture is unlike any other basketball organization.

    People ask me why I’ve gone to PGC so many times. I have gone to 9 summer sessions and 2 weekend sessions as an athlete. I never stopped going because I wanted to keep learning and making meaningful relationships.

    I met one of my closest and best friends at a PGC. We weren’t exactly close yet but when we both attended a Grad School session the next year, we instantly became close. PGC brings like minded individuals who are invested in their growth and other people’s growth.

    Once you experience PGC for the first time, you continually want to keep going. I had the chance to become a basket instructor my senior year of high school. I took that opportunity and realized why I love PGC even more.

    The most impactful thing I learned from PGC is what is your WHY? Why do you love playing basketball? Why do you go to school? PGC teaches athletes to find their WHY and their purpose for doing things.

    PGC teaches athletes to write commitment statements and their WHY for their growth in basketball and in life. They can be simple “I am” statements or something more. I’ll give a little snippet of my commitment statement.

    “I am a caring and serving leader within PGC. I make it the best of my ability to be the most WINSOME. I coach with a smile and I dedicate myself to making meaningful relationships that will last lifetimes. I am confident in making decisions I deem is right for not just myself but for others.”

    I hope this inspires you to start writing your own commitment statement! I’ve had my commitment statement for about 6 years. I still write in my commitment statement making more goals for myself to grow into who I want to be.

    To end, I used to be a person who got frustrated with her own mistakes and internalized my failures.
    Now, I’m a person who sees failures as learning opportunities and growth.

    I used to play college basketball. Now, I’m coaching. I coach girls junior high basketball and I am a basket instructor at PGC. I also attend Boise State University getting my second degree in electrical engineering.

    I’m Melissa Golo, and that’s my PGC Story.

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