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  • By Tanyr Sornson (PGC Grad)

    I still remember shaking hands with my college coach after accepting her scholarship offer…

    After all of the hard work and struggle I had been through, my dream, which seemed impossible only a few years back, had become a reality.

    Let me take you back to the beginning…

    It all started with PGC.

    I went to my first PGC Basketball Camp the summer before my junior year of high school. My mom found an ad for it online and signed me up.

    When she told me I was going, honestly, I wasn’t very excited at all.

    As a sophomore, I was already a great scorer for my team. My biggest struggle really was with my coach, who seemed to make it impossible for me to have any ounce of confidence in my shot or my abilities.

    And if I’m being really honest with you, he was the one that made me want to stop bouncing the ball for good.

    I wasn’t totally sold that any camp at this point would be able to help me overcome either of these things.

    But against my own desires, that summer I packed my bag and headed to a 5-day Point Guard College camp directed by Matt McLeod. And little did I know at the time, how much those 5 days would change me forever.

    When I got home from camp, I was a whole new person.

    I soaked up every bit of information I could like a sponge. I learned everything from how to be a great leader on my team, to how to surround myself with positive people, and lastly – and what I needed the most – I learned how to protect my confidence.

    I can still remember the noise and support that filled the gym on the night we played Jai alai (a PGC camp tradition that takes place on the final night). It was unlike anything I had experienced before.

    But if I had to pick just one thing that changed the most after I left camp… it was that I had reignited my love for the game. In fact, the very next day after I returned home from camp, I made the choice that I would do whatever it took to play in college. That this is what I was born to do.

    Two weeks before school started, I set up a meeting with my coach to share what I had learned over the summer at PGC and communicate my newest aspiration – to get a college scholarship to play basketball.

    I went into the meeting excited, and I anticipated that he, too, would be excited for me. But, boy was I mistaken.

    “You? Play in college?” he said. “You’ll never be good enough.”

    Those words stuck to me like glue.

    Now, the old me would have quit right then and there. But the new me made the choice to protect my confidence.

    I ended up moving back to my hometown a week before my junior year. I spent early mornings and late nights in the gym, getting up shot after shot after shot. I had one goal in mind and nothing was going to stop me.

    Returning home and transferring schools had its ups and downs. My new coach was extremely supportive of me and my dreams, which was great.

    Of course, there were still setbacks and challenges but nothing could stop me.

    Before PGC, I would have let some of the adversity I faced bother me. But PGC taught me to dream big, to set goals, and to pursue them relentlessly.

    Despite the obstacles I faced, and being new to the team, I had a remarkable junior year and was fortunate enough to receive a lot of interest from college coaches.

    I spent that summer before my senior year playing AAU ball, returning back to PGC, and receiving several college offers from different schools.

    After countless days, weeks, and months of hard work, that September I accepted a scholarship to play collegiate basketball at Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska.

    I DID IT!!!

    I had achieved my dream of playing college basketball.

    Those seemingly small steps had finally made a gigantic difference. And to cap it off, I scored my 1,000th career point at our home opener that year.

    I used to be a person who let what people said about me dictate how I felt about myself. But after PGC, I learned to have faith in myself, to have faith in my abilities, and to never let someone take that away from me.

    PGC taught me the importance of my approach and how to always find a way to rise above the noise, no matter the circumstances.

    I won’t ever sit here and say that my journey has been easy, in fact, it’s been far from it. But it would have never been possible without PGC.

    I am a proud PGC grad, and after attending and working multiple camps, I can truly say that PGC has changed my life for the better.

    “Never let someone take your confidence from you.”

    My name’s Tanyr Sornson, and that’s my PGC story.

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