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  • The most effective way to beat pressure is with ball fakes and passes.

    Most average players think that they must do a lot of dribbling in order to beat pressure.

    Join PGC Director Brittany Caporale as she shares several techniques to remain confident and poised while in a trap.

    Get Powerful

    When in a trap, Athletes often try to use fakes above the trap. This is a position of weakness. The ball is out of their power box and easy for the defender to steal.

    The first step to beating defensive pressure is to get powerful with elbows wide. By getting low (triple the width of you standing), this will allow you to look poised while in a trap.

    Flex Fake

    Twist your core back to generate force and keep your elbows at 90 degrees. The elbow that you’re passing with is positioned like you’re flexing and the other arm is forming a 90 degree above your forehead. The third thing you’re going to do on your flex fake as your elbows are at 90 degrees is look through the window. That’s where you’re going to fake with your eyes.

    When you get good at your Flex Fake, it will raise the defense out of their stance to give you two options to beat the trap:

    1. Split Step – get low and split the trap to deliver a chest pass
    2. Stretch Pass – get quadruple wide with your feet in a position where you’re balanced and powerful. From that position, stretch the ball with the ball still above your elbow and punch the pass through.

    Continue Watching: Master the Shot Fake


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