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  • Great shooters take pride in the way they think, train, and feel. To be a great shooter like Steph Curry, you need to develop a shooter’s mindset. Join PGC Director Matt McLeod as he shares four steps you can take to learn the mindset of and become a great shooter.


    Confidence comes from preparation. Great shooters spend countless hours in the gym to prepare for that one moment their team needs that special shot.


    Too often, players practice shots they’ll never take in a game. Practice shots you’ll take in games, and only take shots you’ve practiced.


    The trademark of every champion is consistency. Work on your technique and shot every day.


    The best shooters miss more shots than they make. To develop a shooter’s mindset, forget the misses and focus on the makes.

    Join us at a PGC Scoring College this summer and discover how to become an unstoppable scorer from every position on the court.

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