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  • Excerpted from a PGC/Glazier Coaching Clinic session in Los Angeles, CA. Tyler Coston spoke on How to Develop Leaders in Your Sports Program.

    Leadership is more than just doing the right thing. Leadership is influence. Leadership is relationships.


    Do you have a clear and written out plan of what a leadership plan?

    • What is your definition of a leader?
    • What are the steps you will take to grow your leaders?
    • How will you communicate this plan to your players and teach them?
    10 – 80 – 10 Breakdown
    • Top 10% that are always doing and saying the right thing.
      • Leadership for the Top 10% is taking the middle 80% and bringing them up
    • Middle 80% that will either be uplifted by the top 10% or contaminated and brought down by the bottom 10%
      • Leadership for the middle is either becoming a part of the top 10% OR choosing the right group to follow
    • Bottom 10% are always contaminating the environment
      • Leadership for the bottom 10% is to stop contaminating which is leading themselves.

    As coaches, we must have a plan for leading each group throughout the season.

    Leadership is about doing extra

    Leadership is about energy

    Leadership is about influence

    Join us at a PGC/Glazier Coaching Clinic this Fall!

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