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  • There’s a big difference between making an uncontested layup and finishing at the rim against bigger, stronger, longer defenders. Why is it that in today’s ‘big man’ game, the best finisher in the NBA is Kyrie Irving? He’s undersized, but he seems to control defenders at will.

    Join PGC Director Marke Freeman as she breaks down Kyrie’s dominance at the rim by exploring three quick and clever finishes Kyrie has mastered to create more separation and throw off the timing of dominant shot-blockers.

    Kyrie uses this move at the end of a drive when there’s a defender on his side or his hip. It’s a quick, same-hand, same-foot finish that enables him to get his shot off without being blocked or bothered.

    What’s crafty about this move is how Kyrie keeps his shoulders between the defender and the ball to create maximum space before the defender can react.

    Every playmaker needs this shot in their toolbox. It’s a two-foot, high-five finish over the second line of defense. This two-foot take-off isn’t just more controlled, it’s more powerful and far more difficult for shot-blockers to time.

    Kyrie uses this ‘duck-under’ finish against bigger, stronger, longer defenders when they’re at his back or side. The key to a successful ‘duck-under’ is to use the length of your body and an underhand finish to create separation between you and the defender.

    If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, don’t wait until schools and basketball programs to open back up. Continue to get better everyday.


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