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  • Today’s Monday Mindset: How to Program Your Subconscious

    If you want to program yourself for greater success after doing some deep breathing, as I shared in last week’s video, make it a habit to ask yourself lofty questions.

    What is a lofty question?

    It’s a question in which you ask yourself as you’re starting to go into a dream state that assumes something is already a fact, and in doing that, it actually bypasses your conscious mind and goes right to your subconscious mind.

    How is it that I make all my shots and I make them so easily? That’s a basketball player lofty question.

    As a student, how is it that I’m able to remember things so easily for my exams all the time? No matter what?

    It assumes that your memory is able to remember everything all the time, and it will program your memory to do just that.

    How is it that I’m so disciplined in eating healthy and working out every single day, no matter what?

    That lofty question assumes that you’re already eating healthy and working out every day, and it will bypass your conscious mind, causing your subconscious to act as though it’s already happening and it will change your behavior going forward.

    If you want to change any habit or discipline in your life, ask a lofty question as you’re going to sleep after you’ve done that deep breathing, and you’ll begin to change the results that you see in the days following.

    Put that into practice every night before you go to sleep, ask a lofty question. That’s my challenge and that’s your Monday Mindset.

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