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  • The first time I attended PGC directed by Dena Evans, she said a phrase over and over that I remember to this day. It is easy to remember because I am reminded of it often. “Players under pressure revert back to their deeply held habits”. In a big game, against tough defense you will see what type of player you are. You will see what your habits are. Every time I step into a gym almost every athlete looks the same; a little out of control, a little weak with the ball, makes a few too many mistakes, and hardly ever has a plan.

    I want to repeat that last sentence, because every aspiring basketball player should listen up and find a way to change. Most athletes look the same; a little out of control, a little weak with the ball, make a few too many mistakes, and hardly ever have a plan. Imagine this player under pressure, when their deepest held habits are exposed; they become severely out of control, very weak with the ball, with way too many mistakes and no plan.

    This is why we teach what we do at PGC, by developing just a few key habits, and by habit I mean always and every, an athlete can EASILY look special. I want to coach a player who has the habit of being powerful with the ball, decides to throw short and sure passes, and plays under control (defined as control of body, eyes, and the ball). This player can think the game and will rarely be caught by surprise.

    If you aspire to be special, to stand out to good coaches, then get good at these things. A special player spends time getting better at these key habits before working on their step back jumper. A special player is in the gym practicing their ability to change speeds with vision of the court, not stationary ball handling. A special player practices their passing with accuracy and speed. A special player prepares their plans for attacking pressure, zones, and traps, not their wide open breakaway lay-ups.

    At PGC, we teach how to become an efficient basketball player who coaches can trust. We prepare athletes for all situations so they can be effective against tough competition in big games, not the last game in an open gym against their tired friends and washed up local heroes.

    I just watched an entire weekend of AAU basketball, 16 hours in gyms coaching and taking in hundreds of “elite” athletes and teams. No player stood out. Some were bigger or stronger or faster, but not a single player made me say, that kid can play. And it made me excited, it pumped me up for the potential growth of so many athletes that desire to be excellent. It made me so excited to bring another 6000 athletes through PGC this summer. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to give the athletes what they so desperately need. Extra-ordinary habits of basketball, training and life that will become surprisingly addictive.

    Here’s to the summer of PGC, I hope to see you there.


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