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  • Join PGC Director Tyler Coston in the gym as he shares three drills on how you can train an effective shot fake.

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    The Best Fake in Basketball: The Shot Fake

    For a shot fake to work, it must be believable. It’s only believable if:

    1. You have the reputation of being a good shooter.
    2. Your shot fake looks exactly like your shot.

    Your reputation as a shooter is yours to develop through repetition and practice, but for a shot fake to look exactly like your shot, your:

    1. Eyes must go to the rim — nobody shoots without looking at the basket.
    2. Ball position must imitate its position for a real shot.
    3. Rhythm should be the same as a real shot — don’t fake faster than you shoot.

    To master a shot fake, practice these three training drills:

    1. Super-slow micro-movements of your shot fake — focus on imitating your exact shooting form.
    2. Shot fake into a pull-up jumper — focus on imitating your rhythm.
    3. Shot fake sandwich — focus on repetition of your fake within a sequence of moves.

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