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    I’m here in Atlanta, Georgia. We just finished our director training weekend with over 30 of our PGC directors. It was a powerful weekend of training, of inspiration, of leadership development, and being touched deeply, as we heard stories of how even our PGC directors were touched by their experience attending PGC.

    Just a few minutes ago, before we ended, we heard the story of one of our PGC directors whose life has transformed over the past year. We were all just reminded of why we do what we do.

    It’s bigger than basketball.
    It’s bigger than the game.
    It’s about lives being touched and impacted.

    And so my challenge to you is really simple for this Monday Mindset, to make your life about impacting others – even beyond anything you might have a desire to achieve or experience in your life.

    Make it about others, make it about impacting others.

    There’s nothing more fulfilling, nothing more rewarding than when you live your life in service to others. We were reminded of that over this weekend and hearing this young man’s story of transformation.

    So put that into practice this week. Make it about others.

    That’s your Monday Mindset.

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