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    So, I was just looking outside, watching a trainer work with one of the Division 1 players who trains at our place. We have dozens of college and university players train daily at our place.

    I was thinking about the importance of having somebody to coach you in your life. This player is getting better because he has a coach working with him, making him better. So, my question to you is who is making you better in your life?

    If you want to maximize your life in anything, and as a basketball player, we need coaches to make us better. If you want to get better in business, you need a coach to make you better. If you’re a coach, you definitely need a coach to be a mentor for you. I’ve benefited from tremendous coaches is in my life, and that’s why we created PGC coaching to support and mentor coaches.

    My challenge to you is to think about each aspect of your life, whether it’s your athletic career, your work life, or your marriage relationship. Kate and I have a couple who have been coaching mentors for us, even in our marriage, even in our parenting.

    And so my challenge to you is very simply, find somebody to be a coach in your life. Maybe you can find somebody with no cost involved. I found that I’ve invested in myself by having coaches that invest in me.

    So, I routinely pay to have coaches in my life to make me better. And I think it’s the best investment. One of the best investments I’ve ever made in all the different aspects of my life.

    Make yourself the best that you can be by having coaches to push you to new heights.

    That’s your Monday Mindset.

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    Here’s a Bonus Video of Me Being Coached…

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