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  • We’re just on an evening walk as the sun is setting following dinner. We love to walk out here, just at a field close to our home. And the reason I’m shooting this video today is to challenge you and encourage you to get outside. Enjoy nature.

    It’s so easy in the fast paced world we live in to just go from one thing to the next in front of our computers or whatever it is that we’re doing. But to get outside and enjoy God’s amazing creation, to enjoy a sunset or a sunrise in the midst of the anxiety and stress we feel just in our daily lives. There’s potentially nothing more rejuvenating. In fact, all the research shows that it reduces anxiety when you get outside and enjoy the tranquility and peacefulness of nature. Even when we lived in the city, I used to walk a couple blocks and I went to a cemetery where there were some nice trees and grass to feel like I was out in nature.

    So my challenge is to put into practice – getting outside, enjoying the outdoors and enjoying nature every single day in whatever way, shape or form that takes on.

    That’s your Monday Mindset.

    Get outside with this 2020 Vision Workout!

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