PGC Director with Players

Think the Game Thursday: Build Mental Toughness

Mental toughness isn’t only developed during season practices – it’s developed off season in your day to day routine. PGC President Mano Watsa, unpacks 5 ways to strengthen your mental toughness during your off-season.

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Kristi Toliver

Think the Game Thursday: Kristi Toliver

Kristi Toliver — 2x WNBA Champ, NCAA Champ, and PGC Grad — was training on court during a break in our spring Shooting College camp. Players at our camp got to watch, learn, and listen to her share what it takes to become a great shooter, make it at the highest level, and become a champion.

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Think the Game Thursday: Become a Better Defender Today

How was your defense this season? If you found yourself trying multiple approaches to improve but with minimal result, I suggest you stop and focus on these four simple concepts from PGC Director Tyler Coston.

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Trae Young Finishing Move

Think the Game Thursday: Finishing Like Trae Young

Great Finishers know they need multiple moves in the paint to score on great defenders. Trae Young has mastered reading the defense, as well as the footwork needed to be a great finisher. Join PGC Director Adam Turner, as he walks through the 3 dynamic finishes Trae Young uses to score in the paint.

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Think the Game Thursday: How to Pass Like Lebron

Passing is a fundamental of basketball but too many players are just mediocre passers. Join PGC Director, Tyler Coston, as he shares five types of passes you can start using today, that will lead you to become a strong passer like Lebron.

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Think the Game Thursday: Increase Your Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is like a muscle in your body – it needs to be exercised in order to be strengthened. Discover three steps to mastering mental toughness

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Think the Game Thursday: Create More Time

Most players rush, make poor passes, and take bad shots — good playmakers make smart decisions even at game speed.

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Think the Game Thursday: A Pro Approach to Injury

No injury is truly crippling unless you let it cripple your mind. When you get an injury, try to see the big picture. Forget the woe-is-me attitude, and don’t worry that your plans are suddenly ruined. Get complete information from medical experts so you know exactly what you are dealing with, and then do what they say. Often, it seems the only thing you can do is be patient and wait.

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