Stoppin’ on a Dime

“Stoppin’ on a dime.” All of us in basketball have heard this phrase before and even your average basketball fan knows that special basketball players have the ability to go fast and stop quickly; but have you ever thought about why it’s one of the most critical skills every championship level point guard has in his or her game?

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Three Pitfalls to Avoid When Attacking on Offense

Regardless of what position you play and what level you compete at, avoid these three common offensive mistakes. It will create more offensive efficiency and productivity for you and your team. More importantly, once you start playing with a shot clock, it becomes even more important to avoid these offensive pitfalls.

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The Value of the One-Second Advantage (Part 1)

As basketball players we should always try to gain a one second advantage. We can do so by using screens, moving on penetration, moving defenders with fakes, etc. Often that one second advantage is the difference between getting a great shot and having a shot contested or coming up with an empty possession and not even getting a shot off at all.

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Connecting with 1st Punch – Inviting Contact

Basketball is a contact sport. Period. In varying degrees of training, I seldom see coaches and athletes work against defensive contact. If an offensive player doesn’t make that first punch though, good luck making it beyond the first round, or first line of defense in basketball terms.

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Treat Basketball Officials Like Grandma

Officials have the thankless job of maintaining the integrity of the game; something that is very important. Yet, the sport community of players, fans, and coaches are not acting in ways that I would consider ‘championship-like’. Here are some key things to remember about Officials.

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