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  • Correctly utilizing social media can be tricky and a bad post can cost a player offers. But when utilized well, social media can be a boon for athletes.

    The best way to craft an effective offense is to get your best shooters launching from where they’re most efficient. Chasing that data led to the creation of the shot chart, as coaches often had assistants charting makes and misses from the bench or while watching the video afterward.

    But relegating a shot chart to a piece of paper is exercising only a fraction of its ability. Hudl allows you to craft nearly any shot chart for your team or an individual player based on shot type, quarter/half and zone breakdown. You can call up your own shot chart or see how opponents have done against you, exposing holes in your defense.

    140 characters doesn’t seem like much. But sometimes that’s all it takes to make or break a player’s recruitment.

    We’re in the peak age of social media, where Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram reign supreme. The thing is, it’s not just friends and family that are following your players.

    College coaches and recruiters are monitoring social media like never before – the Clemson football team has an entire office devoted solely to perusing the accounts of potential recruits. How those players choose to use social media could help land them a scholarship or get taken off a recruiting board.


    Written by
    Dan Hoppen
    Content Producer for Hudl

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