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    Just going on a walk and I wanted to share with you something that’s been a superpower in my life. A real secret weapon in everything I’ve pursued and it could be a secret weapon for you as well.

    I actually picked it up in my teenage years from a few of my mentors who were successful and they lived this out. During my first year at University of Waterloo, one of my teammates Sean, actually gave me a nickname based on this attribute. It’s a simple act of being curious – curiosity.

    They called me Curious George because I asked so many questions. But what I realized in my basketball career was if I was going to become the best player I could possibly be, I had to learn. And the best way to learn is to ask questions and to be curious. I was continually asking my teammates, “Hey, how do you do that? Hey, how can I get better at this?” I’m asking my coaches as well. That name, Curious George, stuck for a while.

    I watched all the games I played through my entire career at the University of Waterloo within 24 hours of playing the games, because I was curious to know, what did I do well? What did I do wrong? And what do I need to change? How do I need to get better? I think it propelled me ahead as a player. Then I took the same approach with my schoolwork, to try and approach every day and every classroom with every teacher or professor with curiosity.

    This has continued throughout my entire life with reading books, listening to podcasts and speakers. Asking anytime I’m with people, asking about them and taking an interest in them to learn about them. Those are all different ways of really demonstrating curiosity.

    My question to you is, how curious are you about others, about this world, about learning about things? I want to encourage you and challenge you, the next time you’re around someone, see if you can ask a few questions about them? See if you can practice the habit of being curious.

    It’s like a muscle. The more you do it, the stronger it’ll be and the more it’ll be your go-to. I think it’s your best way to learn and grow faster. Put it into practice for any realm of life you want to experience greater levels of success in, and that’s your Monday Mindset.

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