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  • Today’s Monday Mindset: Develop This Powerful Skill

    So here’s a powerful skill that’ll have a huge impact on you and those around you. The beautiful part about this skill is there’s no ceiling on how good you can become at it. It’s the powerful skill of encouraging others.

    The reason I say there’s no ceiling to how good you can become is because no one has ever been overly encouraged. You probably can’t think of anybody in your life who you’ve thought, “I don’t want to spend time with them because they just encourage me too much,” but we’ve all experienced people who are just the opposite.

    What’s the difference between encouraging and discouraging? Well, to encourage, to give courage to somebody, to help them become bigger than what they were or what they thought they could be. Discourage is to take courage from somebody, to make them feel smaller than they are or what they could be.

    My best friend, Derek, when we played at the University of Waterloo was an amazing encourager. And to this day, he’s still my number one encourager. He’s continually seeing the good and speaking to it. I love spending time with him. Why? Because we all love spending time with people who encourage us.

    Here’s my challenge to you to today – be like my friend Derek and to be the number one encourager of those around you, of your family, of your friends, or it could be coworkers, teammates. Be the best possible teammate to others around you every single day. Do that, and it’ll have a huge impact on you, but more importantly on those around you.

    And that’s your Monday Mindset.

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